Allison Eden

Brooklyn-based designer Allison Eden is the highly regarded glass mosaic artist behind Allison Eden Studios.

She creates stunning one-of-a-kind pieces for commercial and residential interiors, like colorful custom tiled backsplashes, stained glass pieces, and pop art-inspired designs.

Allison Eden has also translated her vibrant and eclectic aesthetic into textile designs, recently creating fabrics with LebaTex and working on a clothing line.

As the latest installment of House Tipster Industry’s new Women of Design column, we spoke exclusively with the artist to learn all about her earliest days in design, the current projects she’s proudest of, and what’s up ahead for her in the new year. Be sure to catch our exclusive Q&A interview below.

House Tipster Industry: What’s your earliest design memory, or a moment when you first realized you had an artistic side to explore?

Allison Eden: I grew up in a home where my mother was an interior designer who had such an eclectic eye and as a young girl all I wanted to do was design and create beautiful pieces of colorful functional art. I also always had a love for fashion and would incorporate art, fashion and interior design together in my designs with wild prints that I would create and hand paint.

House Tipster Industry: Where would you say you find most of your inspiration?

Allison Eden: Inspiration is found everywhere for me. I do find that I do my best creations at the beach. There’s nothing more soothing then hearing the ocean waves. My mind always seems to open up and I have created my best pieces on the beach. I also grew up on the beach in La Jolla, so it brings back sweet easy going memories that were free of any stress and my mind works well where there is no stress and the beach just holds the inspiration that I need to create.

House Tipster Industry: Who are some other women in design who inspire you?

Allison Eden: I love women that design out of the box and can put all types of styles together to create a signature look. One that is silently their own style.

House Tipster Industry: How did you personally first break into design, and what were some of your first jobs?

Allison Eden: My first large project was a Burger King in New York City. Back in the early 90s when The Yellow Pages were the go-to Google, I wasn’t sure what I was, so I took an ad out in the Yellow pages in many different areas. I had no idea what to call myself, so I took multiple ads saying I was a fine artist, fashion designer, architect, interior designer, contractor, etc. I think I took out like 20 ads!!

I got a call from a Burger King that was opening on 46th Street and 6th Ave and they were looking for someone to create and install The Brazilian wave in a floor using ceramic tile throughout the entire restaurant. The timeframe was a big issue, and they said that they needed it within 3-4 weeks for the opening. Well, being young, naïve, and never having any experience doing any of the above, I took the job and had to figure it out. I actually rented a car, drove to Home Depot in New Jersey, and bought a video on how to install a floor.

It was 700 sq. ft. of intricate mosaics, but I was determined to do this project. And I needed to pay my rent, so I couldn’t be choosy with projects!! It was in hellish cold and in wet winter conditions and only covered by a wood wall.

At the time, I was newly dating my [now] husband and thought he would run for the hills when he saw what I was doing. In fact, he was so amused by the insanity that I had gotten myself into that he would come from his job as a banker on Wall Street every night and sit on a bucket in his suit and keep me company. I had to work through the night every night for a month in a rain suit and boots as it was snowing inside. Well fast forward 21 years, we are happily married with 2 teenage boys. That was my first job and it turned out perfect!!!

House Tipster Industry: Have you had any helpful mentors or guides over the years?

Allison Eden: My husband and business partner Gary Goldenstein has been my greatest guide and mentor. He left his career following the events of 9/11 and came to help me full time. He has always believed in me and gave me the strength to go on even when I was feeling less then inspired. He is my greatest cheerleader, and always makes me feel that I can do anything!! He always encouraged me to follow my dreams and has stood by me mentally and financially and has help build Allison Eden Studios into the Studio it has become.

House Tipster Industry: What’s an accomplishment in your career so far that you’re most proud of?

Allison Eden: I am so proud and honored to have worked with some of the most well renowned architects, designers and galleries throughout the world. I have created timeless pieces for many that will last for lifetimes.

House Tipster Industry: What’s a project or style you still would love to try out?

Allison Eden: I have partnered with Lebatex to create my glass mosaic art into fabric, and I am now getting back to my roots to create a clothing line that I would like to launch within the next year. I love fashion and incorporating my glass patterns and fashion designs have so far proven to be so much fun. I am loving getting back to fashion design as that has always been my hobby and I am preparing to get pieces to market soon.

House Tipster Industry: What has been the most challenging moment you faced in establishing your career?

Allison Eden: Oh there’s always a myriad of challenging moments in my field. You are only as good as your last project, so its quite stressful to always keep topping myself but I stick to what I do well and try not to veer off. I know the next idea is right under my nose if I look for it.

I love life and and try to relay that in my work. I actually create things I love, and I love a lot of things. Sometimes convincing a client they really want a wall of mosaic Valium Pills, or vampire lips can be challenging but I make them anyway!!!

House Tipster Industry: What are some trends or changes in the industry that you are most excited about?

Allison Eden: The art world is booming right now and that is good for me. Art and design are now blurred into one offering, and I am at the right place and time for what I offer. I create functional mosaic art for the Interior Design and art community and also custom design and manufacture right in Brooklyn, New York, so I can help designers make their visions come to life in a timely manner.

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