Atmosphere & Bois Introduces Reclaimed Wood Array at Maison

It’s safe to say that Philippe Auboyneau, owner and partner at Atmosphere et Bois (A&B), is passionate about reclaimed wood. Fifteen years ago, he took this passion and began construction of a home made from wood recycled from an old barn in Canada. And as they say, the rest is history.

Today, A&B has expanded into three different areas. Auboyneau manages a reclaimed wood inventory, designs and manufactures wood furniture, and continues to oversee the construction arm of the business.

“The company is all about reclaimed wood. We don’t use any new wood,” Auboyneau explained to House Tipster during the winter 2019 Maison et Objet expo in Paris, France.

Using materials recycled and upcycled from early 20th century barns throughout northern North America, A&B has helped fuel sustainable building and design across the world. Although the wood originates in Canada, it’s often shipped to Belgium for preparation and assembly. From there, it’s sent to markets from Europe to North America.

Often described as both rustic and modern, the products A&B designs such as sheds and chairs uses wood as the star of the show. “Our designs aren’t so complicated in design because the wood speaks for itself,” Auboyneau explained.

With custom and semi-custom pieces, you can rest assured that everything created by Atmosphere & Bois is as unique as the barn from which it originated.

“We are founded on the principle of telling the stories of the past. These stories are told by all materials that come through our doors. Our mission is to help reclaim this beauty for all of your projects.”

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