Prostoria Blends Innovation and Comfort at Maison & Objet 2019

This Winter 2019 season of Maison & Objet in Paris, Croatian furniture brand Prostoria displayed a beautiful variety of sleek sofas and innovative chairs that represents the brand’s futuristic direction.

To learn the story behind the relatively new company, the House Tipster Industry team spoke with Eva Šilović, a project manager for Prostoria.

“The company is based in Croatia, and it’s seven years old,” Šilović said about the European label.

After just a few seasons in business, the company took off lightning fast in terms of success and popularity.

“It started with upholstered furniture, but already the first designs were awarded with some German design awards, so we started really fast,” Šilović explained. “In the mean time, we’ve now grown to 170 people in our company, with production all in-house: upholstery, wood production, and the metal production.”

Prostoria’s furniture is striking – especially when you take in its mixed-media forms and sleek, streamlined structural silhouettes.

“We do design that is, in a way, innovative but still very usable in normal life,” Šilović explained. “I think we have a very good balance of good design and comfortable, and very high quality, which makes us different than a lot of others. We have such a big range of fabrics and other materials that we use, so we can actually adapt to any environment.”

To create its exceptional pieces, Prostoria works with a global team of designers who create cutting-edge furniture. Right now, the brand is focusing its attention on selling to and creating with the European market, with plans to expand even further.

“We work with outside designers, and it turns out that they’re mostly Croatian,” Šilović said. “We’re happy with how we work with them and the designs they deliver. We are also open to cooperation with other designers from all over the world. We have some German designers too.”

“The process is not very elaborate – we just wait for the suggestions, and when we like something, we do it.”

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