Seletti Brings Pop Art Charm to Everyday Items at Maison & Objet

Think about the everyday items that you can find around your home. Maybe you’ll call to mind your sofa, armchairs, and array of colorful throw pillows.

Or perhaps you will focus your attention smaller, on vases, lamps, plates, or tea kettles. Maybe you’ll even think of the more mundane household items, like toilet paper. No matter where you focus your attention, Italian-based Seletti has an eclectic home option that’s far from boring or basic.

Stefano Seletti

The Seletti brand fuses charming pop art into their expertly-designed collectible items: and that’s everything from furniture to lighting, kitchenware, and assorted home and office accessories.

Furthermore, Seletti finds its inspiration within “daily life icons,” or the functional items that are part of all everyday spaces, and turns them into works of art.

To hear all about the latest from the company, the House Tipster Industry team spoke with Giovanni Sgrignuoli at the brand’s dizzyingly wonderful Maison & Objet booth in Paris, France.

Seletti recently partnered with Toiletpaper, the image-only magazine by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Designer Stefano Seletti admitted to being an instant fan since the first issue’s debut, and worked to connect its imagery to his brand.

Through this collaboration, the brands have released an unusual and eccentric collection of plates, mugs, pillows, lampshades, carpets, and more.

Sgrignuoli took us through some of the standout offerings, like quirky porcelain plates and suggestive, tongue-in-cheek throw cushions.

You will find a blend of dark humor and nostalgic, vintage-inspired imagery in each piece, which makes each relatively simple item a conversation-starting focal point for any room in the house.

This season, Seletti is debuting new notebooks that capture the same whimsical and artistic vibes as the home items. With the portable range, you can take the brand’s unmistakable pop art inspiration on the go!

Additionally, the brand packs a helping of its cheeky charm into a new playful pop art banana light fixture, which quite literally lit up the Seletti display booth at Maison & Objet.

About that toilet paper we mentioned earlier? It’s not just the name of Seletti’s collaborator.

Yes, Seletti really had a decadent roll on display at Maison & Objet – perfectly decked out to inspire the mind… even in the most unlikely of settings.

To visit Seletti stateside, be sure to stop by the brand’s showroom in New York City’s SoHo section. Additionally, the company has fantastically-designed global flagship store locations in Milan, Verona, Busan, Bangkok, and Parma.

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