Jean Christophe Couradin’s Sculptural Masterpieces Shine at Maison

With undulating shapes and stunning patinas, Jean Christophe Couradin’s sculptural art takes on a life of its own.

Dijon-born Couradin started showcasing his artwork during the late 1980s. Since then, he has won numerous accolades, including first prize in sculpture at the International Exhibition of Contemporary Artists in Saint-Tropez in 2017.

This past January, Couradin exhibited his prized sculptures at Maison et Objet for the second time in as many years. Using both metal and wood as mediums, he crafts nature-inspired sculptures that caught the eye of designer Kelli Ellis and Global Trend Ambassador Patti Carpenter.

In speaking about Meander, an expansive, sensual piece, Carpenter couldn’t help but notice its fluidity and movement. “I love the finish in this undulating ribbon wave, and the way he plays with the color on it.”

Some pieces, such as Rosewood in Rio and Pholade use Couradin’s signature blue, a hue he says was inspired by the ocean, along with a stunning sculptural undulation which seems to mimic the motion of a manta ray.

Fluidity and beauty; Jean Christophe Couradin’s work is breathtaking and unparalleled.

According to writer Andre Bernold, “The sculptures of Jean-Christophe Couradin provide immense relief. They are hymns, perhaps of very great significance, which he makes to sing by the splendor of wood, and sometimes of bronze.”

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