LebaTex Partners with Allison Eden Studios on Textile Collection

Fabrics are notoriously hard to maintain, especially in high-traffic areas. Couch cushions are prone to pulls and pills. Draperies fade. Pillowcases stain. It sometimes feels like you’re in a never-ending cycle of cleaning and reupholstering. But did you know that there’s a brand of upholstery made specifically for the hospitality and commercial environments, that would look just as lovely on your living room couch as it does in your favorite hotel?

LebaTex, a women-owned textile company based in New York, offers classic-looking upholstery options with high-quality attributes; meaning you can get the durability of a heavy-duty contract use fabric with the look and feel of a residential one.

LebaTex’s Product Versatility

“We create high-performance upholsteries, flame retardant draperies, faux leathers, and performance sheers,” explained Jake Coburn, sales and marketing specialist at LebaTex.

Jake Coburn of LebaTex

“Our fabrics are used in large-scale hotels, as well as smaller residences.”

Some consumer favorites include performance velvets with special patterns and textures, faux velvets, polyurethanes, and the new line of faux leathers which debuted in August 2018.

LebaTex Partners with Allison Eden Studios

LebaTex is focused on meeting the market’s needs when it comes to all textiles, from furniture to pillows, curtains, headboards, and bed skirts. This means producing a high-quality product that doesn’t just stand the test of time but looks good in many different environments.

The need for a designer look propelled the company to partner with Allison Eden Studios.

Allison Eden

The result of this collaboration is two incredible collections since 2017: Allison Eden Pop Art and Allison Eden Treasure Trove.

These lines are undoubtedly bold and beautiful.  Allison Eden herself specializes in the creation of hand crafted glass mosaics. The artist has established her signature style through bold colors and wild patterns.

Her work translates beautifully to textiles.

On display at this November season’s BDNY 2018 showcase in Manhattan were curtains, pillowcases, and vibrant furniture pieces crafted with the artist’s eye-catching designs.

Allison Eden’s Pop Art line with LebaTex features a myriad of colorful designs and patterns, while Treasure Trove appears more like a glass mosaic transposed onto fabric.

Coburn noted that homeowners tend to prefer these Allison Eden creations on their couches, chairs, and other furniture pieces.


M.O.D., which stands for “Manufactured on Demand,” is LebaTex’s innovative option that’s offered in addition to their standard textiles. The MOD program allows buyers to modify patterns, scale, and colors on-demand, regardless of how much fabric you need to complete a project.

All styles are printed on LebaTex’s base cloths, and an approved sample is shipped to you within a week of the order.

“There’s no limit to what you can create,” Coburn said, adding, “you can start with a pattern and alter it however you want to it to be.”

If you’re on the market for textiles meant to live up to heavy wear and tear, keep LebaTex on your radar. They’re continuing to expand their options as well as their production capacity from their print shops in New York and North Carolina.  Be on the lookout for more from LebaTex in the seasons to come.

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