Alexa Hampton Debuts Theodore Alexander Line at High Point Market 2019

This Spring 2019 season of High Point Market, interior designer Alexa Hampton is celebrating the launch of 110 stunning, high-quality furniture pieces created with Theodore Alexander.

Alexa Hampton

House Tipster Industry host and Arch-Interiors designer Christopher Grubb spoke with Hampton at the Theodore Alexander showroom during the latest home furnishings showcase in North Carolina – and learned the story behind the exciting new line.

Alexa Hampton’s father, the esteemed designer Mark Hampton, had one of the first designer-named furniture lines in the 1980s. After his passing in 1998, the self-professed “daddy’s girl” took over her father’s company, because she grew up knowing she wanted to continue in his footsteps.

Of course, her long-term plan involved working hands-on with some furniture designs herself.

“I’m so grateful to the community that knew my father and has embraced me,” Hampton said. “I’ve been decorating all this time, and I love designing product.”

Many of those created-with-love products was on full display this market, where Hampton had a 4,000 square foot display space to fill with her most elaborate, neoclassical-inspired creations.

The effects were captivating.

“This is a bright red and black room,” Hampton shared. “It’s really eclectic, and the inspiration spans from, say, a Dunbar Chesterfield-influenced sofa to a faux bamboo chinoiserie end table, to a pretty contemporary tub chair. It’s the kind of piece that will absorb the sensibility of the room. It won’t dictate it, which is great.”

“A lot of the inspiration for my collection comes from iconic, canonical antiques, [like the things I] have grown up with,” Hampton shared, also confessing that she finds additional little glimmers of inspiration all around her. “Whether it’s on Instagram, or its your traveling, or you’re looking in a magazine, or you’re watching a movie, you never know what’s going to spark that excitement.”

From a double pedestal dining room table to golden-lined consoles and tiered glass side tables, you can see that Hampton has a particular affinity for fine metal detailing throughout the collection.

“I love metalwork,” Hampton declared. “It’s a real problem. I’m sort of obsessed with it.”

To curate and create a furniture collection this large, Hampton had to draw from her own personal favorites and weave them in with the innovative new pieces clients and customers will love in their own homes.

“When people have said to me, ‘why did you pick these pieces?’ I wanted to be emblematic of a life well-lived,” Hampton said. “Places that you’ve gone, things that you’ve seen, things that just spark that joy in you – to sound a little like [Marie Kondo.] These are pieces that, for whatever reason, have spoken to me, or been in the design canon that throw me and I feel like, if it’s that beautiful, it will all work together.”

To take a tour around this daring red HPMKT space for yourself, and hear more from Christopher Grubb’s conversation with Alexa Hampton, be sure to check out House Tipster Industry’s exclusive live video below.

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