David Gebhart Provides His Scope of The Industry

David Gebhart, co-owner of Global Views Furniture, shared insight into the inner workings of the industry and the business at hand. While giving a more in-depth understanding of the craft and trade, he introduced the Roger Thomas collection in the High Point Market.

Partnering with renowned designers like Barbara Barry, Ann Gish, Julia Buckingham and many more, Global Views remains an emergent brand. As a sort of marker representing their 25th year, they celebrated their success by showcasing phenomenal home accessories and accent pieces. 

While Global Views presented their pieces on display, Gebhart conveyed all of the progress and the landmarks that were made to reflect how the business continues to change. The owner reflected on how the business landscape relies on 

He said, “There’s no reason wasting time trying to push water up a hill with a factory that might have a better price point but can’t really accomplish the design because they don’t have the technology.”

Working alongside various talents, there are quite a number of collections that display wonderful pieces. According to Gebhart, “It’s a wonderful milestone just to stop and look back on where we’ve been, what we’ve done, what we still have to do in the future and keep it rolling.” You can check out the pieces through their website.

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