Lapitec Makes Its Debut In The US Market

The company that revolutionized the distribution of silica-free stone slabs is ready to announce the birth of Lapitec USA. Emanating the definition of Italian high-end design, Lapitec, a pioneer in cutting-edge and groundbreaking technology is already expanding in the US market.

With its reputation, national coverage, an office in Florida, a proprietary warehouse that efficiently serves its market, and a team of talented local professionals, Lapitec USA is determined to enhance its presence throughout the country. The sintered stone company showcased their products at Coverings this year, and unveiled the new Bianco Giulia color from the company’s Musa collection.

Described as a subtle irregular veining on a white background, Bianco Giulia radiates the charm of natural stone. The colors and hues showcase the potential for expression. Three notable features were included with the Bianco Giulia: a Danver outdoor kitchen with stainless steel, a detailed worktop, and a large BBQ station. Each feature inserted the sintered stone design, which was processed at several distinct points. 

“There are various features of our material that have made it possible for us to engage with our American counterparts, first and foremost it’s great resistance combined with a completely natural composition that is free of inks, resins, glues or other toxic materials,” explains Francesco Giannini, board member of Lapitec USA.

After a decade of working with the finest specialists in the field, Lapitec harnessed scientific research, testing and developing techniques to produce its first slab in 1999. Today, the company is globally recognized in over 70 countries.

Giannini went on to say, “Lapitec is a catalyst for creativity and design. It can be processed along its entire thickness, comes in large sizes and is versatile, meaning that it can be used indiscriminately in kitchens and swimming pools, outdoor BBQs, facades and spas. Over the years, the North American market has grown and now accounts for about a quarter of our turnover. This has driven us, among the many other activities, to create specific aesthetics and extend our range with a color that we will present at the forthcoming edition of Coverings.”

Photo Credit: Lapitec | Lapitec USA team at Coverings 2022

Through Lapitec’s commitment to reduce and completely eliminate crystalline silica, the company is proud to say that in 2022, it has officially become a silica free company. Made from a mixture of 100 percent natural minerals and produced resin-free, Lapitec offers options in digital prints and other petroleum derivatives.

Lapitec utilizes sintered stone, which is one of 25 patented materials from Lapitec’s parent company, Breton S.p.A. According to Davide Ferracin, Marketing Manager of Lapitec, sintered stone is made by a blend of raw materials similar to glass. Through extreme heat and pressure, high-quality ceramic materials are chosen and bonded together with a method called metamorphosis, recreating the blend naturally. Ferracin said “We are doing a good job up here because our new colors are very appreciated. Especially this brand new color, Bianco Giulia, it’s probably the best color for the United States market.”

Ferracin described the process, by stating, “Everything comes from mineral sands. Highly selected powders, coming from various areas of the world, which in the first phase of the production process are formed and kneaded like a cake. The slabs begin to originate. They are born in matrices, or molds, which delimit the shape, the same for each piece. Equal dimensions, identical composition, with the thicknesses and surface finishes that will be the last features to be applied in the final production steps. The process involves vacuum vibro-compression, joining the mineral grains together without using binding resins. Powders from incredibly pure minerals, as shown in the gallery, baked at high temperatures. This is an exclusive technology made by Breton, our holding company.”

Some of the projects that Lapitec has previously completed include: the East End Gateway in Penn Station (New York City, US), the Sartorial House (Milan, Italy), the Aria Retreat & Spa (Como, Italy), and many more.

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