Wescover, The Trading Platform For The Modern-Day Designer

Originally founded by Rachely Esman and Yoad Snapir, Wescover was introduced to the world as the premier platform for purchasing unique and meaningfully designed products. 

A new approach into finding a one-of-a-kind item, Wescover sells its products which are created by talented artists and designers. The slow design approach was initially conceived to support talented artists and designers, however, this new digital advent is opening up new opportunities to revolutionize the design world.

Rachely Esman, co-founder and CEO of Wescover, said, “We are a marketplace for authentic artisans. So we have thousands of what we call creators, but they’re essentially smaller brands from all around the world, from Argentina to the US, Canada, Australia, Lebanon, and they’re all presenting their works through our site.” 

She explained, “You can connect directly with each of them, and you can basically create an account on our trade program to join the trade pricing, to customize the pieces with all of [the designers] through our platform.”

Wescover envisioned a world without the needless waste of cheap goods, typically thrown away due to low quality. Wescover was formulated with the resolve to correct this fast-track, mass production culture that the world has proliferated over the past decade. Almost by design, the fast fashion industry has led to poor materials and manufacturing, resulting in an increase in waste.

Discussing the eco-friendly aspects to Wescover, Esman mentioned, “we are bringing warranties and return policies to our trade members. The idea is to promote sustainable, authentic, small designs by giving you the support and the help that you’d find with a big manufacturer.” Redefining the disposal lifestyle by equalizing the service structure of bigger conglomerates, Rachely and her team is committed to providing consumers a more socially conscientious appeal with purchasing and repurposing design products.

The ambitious CEO stated, “On the platform, we currently have around 5000 trade members signed up. We started focusing on the more residential, more retail side, but we launched the trade program back in September. It’s growing very fast! It’s been less than a year and we already have members from commercial and hospitality firms buying through the site all the way to smaller residential designers.” 

The most interesting part about the platform is Wescover’s custom built programs. “We actually built our own software, we’re a software company at the end of the day. I’m a software engineer,” said Esman. “We’re proud of the tools we built for the brands themselves, proud to be able to be on top of things. Instead of managing all their custom work over email, we built a CRM, a custom invoicing platform where they can collect their deposits, final payments, some direct samples, check orders, and all of their needs.”  

Broaching the subject of the challenges the team might encounter, Esman said, “All of our brands love to keep the communication in writing on our platform, because then, you can have a mishap. Usually on our custom orders, there is an area that will specify exactly what the custom piece is and if there is any issue, which rarely occurs, we are here to help. Although you’re communicating directly with the creator, our team is here to handle any problems, any issues, kind of make sure that everybody is pleased.” 

Many of the pieces on Wescover are ready to ship, while others are made-to-order. There are pieces that are customizable, and there are pieces that work as special collaborations between the client and the Creator.

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