Widell & Boschetti Named TileBar’s Designer of the Month for November

TileBar, one of the design industry’s most respected and popular retailers for natural stone, tile, and mosaics, named Widell & Boschetti the Designers of the Month for November 2018.

Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti. Photography by: Madeline Tolle. Courtesy of TileBar

Widell & Boschetti, a boutique residential interior design firm based in Philadelphia, PA, is known for combining classic and eclectic looks to create personalized, highly unique spaces. The company was hand-selected by TileBar as the Designer of the Month for their use of TileBar products in their designs.

TileBar notes Widell & Boschetti’s creative use of Arden Cozumel porcelain tile in designing a custom young and fashionable master bathroom.

Arden Cozumel porcelain tile. Courtesy of TileBar

In another example, the design firm combines Gatsby Gold Nero and Thassos with Brass Line Marble Tile to create a black and white, Kardashian-inspired vibe.

Gatsby Gold Nero & Thassos With Brass Marble Tile. Courtesy of TileBar

“TileBar does not only have a wide spectrum of designs to choose from but has a client centric approach as they are the most efficient at getting samples and quotes to us at rocket speed,” Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti said in a statement.If you’re a designer who uses TileBar products, submit your projects to features@tilebar.com for a chance to be a future winner.


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