Chef Kim Canteenwalla Shares Refrigerator Styling Tips

Chef Kim Canteenwalla and his wife Elizabeth Blau are the masterminds behind restaurant consulting business Blau & Associates that works with top establishments around the country, including the Rainbow Room in New York City and Nomi in Chicago. In their own kitchen, the duo keeps a True Residential Glass Door refrigerator, which is a stylish and state-of-the-art device.

Since the fridge keeps food items on display, it’s important for the food and drinks stored inside to keep up the beautiful design of the rest of the kitchen. Luckily, Chef Kim has shared some tips on how to keep food organized and aesthetically-pleasing!

Chef Kim Canteenwalla, courtesy photo

“We absolutely love our True Residential Glass Door Refrigerator, not only for its functionality but also as a stunning focal point in our kitchen,” Chef Kim shared in a statement from the brand. “This being said, having your leftovers on constant display can seem challenging.”

“It may seem obvious but organization and consistent cleaning are key. Stick to a schedule and do spot-checks daily,” Chef Kim advised. “As for the doors themselves, good old fashioned Windex on a coffee filter will do wonders for a streak-free shine.”

Photo via True Residential

One should be able to take instant inventory of their glass door fridge without opening the doors and poking around inside. With the help of some stacking products like cake displays or coordinating containers, it’s not as daunting as it may seem.

Chef Kim shared that keeping like products (such as veggies or beverages) together in groups helps create a cohesive visual as well, from color to size and shape. Additionally, he and his wife use glass containers to safely secure leftovers to keep them germ-free, easy to see, and more cohesive visually.

Photo via True Residential

“Vary your heights, using a cake stand or other vertical vessels can offer a delightful visual surprise,” the chef also advised. “Take advantage of your beverages; artisanal sodas, kombuchas, and fresh pressed juices look great. (Make sure all labels are facing front!) When in doubt, a beautiful pitcher with spa water (just add sliced cucumbers or lemons) goes a long way.”

Of course, your fridge could be the most beautiful one on the block, but it’s not helpful if you can’t access your ingredients and snacks!

“Nothing is worse than a gorgeous refrigerator you can’t actually eat from,” Chef Kim said. “Keep everything functional and still stock up on your favorites!”

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