Formica Announces FORM 2020 Student Design Competition Winners

Formica has announced its winning designs from its 2020 student design challenge, the FORM Student Innovation Competition. The creations are truly excellent pieces that could have wide applications in residential, commercial, and hospitality design.

More than 175 interior design, architecture, and furniture design students from 40 universities across the United States and Canada participated in the brand’s competition, contributing work under the theme of  “Blurred Lines.” This title is an effort to notice the contrast between modern technology and the natural world.

All of the designers used Formica brand products to conceptualize cutting-edge furniture projects. Judges on this year’s panel included Cheryl Durst, executive vice president and CEO of IIDA; Leanne Ford, interior designer and television personality; Tristan Butterfield, regional brand and retail lead at Gensler Chicago; Vern Yip, award-winning HGTV designer and author; and Renee Hytry Derrington, international design lead at Formica Group.

Alexandra Clement’s “Origami” Desk. Photo provided courtesy.

This year’s grand prize winner is Alexandra Clement of Cegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec, Canada. Her submission was an “Origami” desk design, which fuses creative art and function for a “folded” effect. The desk features a combination of Layered Sand, White Birchply and Oiled Olivewood Formica Laminate.

“Alexandra’s origami desk beautifully showcases the intersection of nature and technology through its use of nature-inspired patterns and functional features,” Hytry Derrington said in a press statement. “Paying homage to the thoughtful, clean and functional design of many Japanese interiors, this desk encourages a variety of uses, from a space to work to a place to share a meal or converse with others, and even keeps clutter at bay with smart organizational features.”

Clement received a $2,000 cash award for her winnings. Additionally, this creative design will be fabricated and showcased at the upcoming NeoCon 2021 at The Mart in Chicago. The event is scheduled for June 14-16, 2021. It’s definitely worth looking out for!

Jacob Ethier’s “Post-Industrial Bookshelf.” Photo provided courtesy.

Jacob Ethier of Quebec University in Montreal took home second prize in FORM 2020, and $1,000 cash award, for his “Post-Industrial Bookshelf” design. This piece uses laser-cutting technology to create a new type of panel to add texture and color.

The third prize winner for this year’s contest is Jessica Reid of Marywood University in Pennsylvania. Reid received $500 for her “G Table” design.

Jessica Reid’s “G Table.” Photo provided courtesy.

Honorable mentions rounding out the top five include Matthew Lam and Benjamin Ma from the University of Waterloo in Ontario for their design titled “Duality,” and Allison Plunkett from Marywood University and her creation, “Imagination Bench.”

“What I love about Formica Corporation’s FORM competition is that it gives me a chance to see the work of rising stars! I get a glimpse into how the future generation of designers view creative furniture design,” judge Leanne Ford said. “All of the entries were truly impressive! The really showcased their creator’s unique personality, not to mention I loved seeing how they were able to push Formica’s boundaries in new and unexpected ways. Creatives after my own heart.”

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