Amy Meier Opens Rancho Santa Fe Boutique

Interior designer Amy Meier has made her first foray into the retail space, recently opening up an eponymous home boutique in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Courtesy of Amy Meier Design

The shop, located at 16903 Avenida de Acacias, is partly an Amy Meier Design office for client consultations, and partly a retail store where customers can shop specially-curated antiques and one-of-a-kind finds and bespoke items for their homes.

“I’ve always wanted a retail store,” Meier shared with San Diego Magazine. “The space was so perfect that I couldn’t pass it up when it became available.”

Courtesy of Amy Meier

Since first founding her studio, Meier has stood out from the crowd by artfully blending classic designs with unique, special pieces picked up through her travels.

The designer has visited flea markets around the world, in big cities and tiny nooks, to find compelling and original pieces like antiques and art – and plans her international traveling to include some dedicated shopping time. Now, she is including many of her hottest decor finds in her retail store.

“I’m constantly scouring,” she said. “All good ideas come from seeing new things and meeting new people. I draw inspiration from my travels.”

Courtesy of Amy Meier Design

“The storefront is an active gallery, library, and retail boutique, with a meticulously selected and ever changing inventory of exclusive art, antiques, accessories, books, and more,” according to a store description on its website.

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