Andreu World Advances Towards The Circular Economy At NeoCon 2022

The latest designs by Patricia Urquiola, Philippe Starck, Alfredo Häberli and Benjamin Hubert represent a definitive step towards sustainable furniture innovation.

Sustainability is the new beauty. The presence of Andreu World at NeoCon 2022, which is being held from 13 to 15 June in Chicago constitutes a true declaration of sustainability. The global furniture design manufacturer brand has set out to lead the sector and continues its commitment to the circular economy with the launch of its 2022 collections, highlighting its unique ability to innovate with designs that connect us to a more sustainable future.

Each new design has been purposefully created for functionality and durability, and at the end of its life, to be sustainably separated by each component to enter a new cycle and drive the framework of global circularity. Beyondtheir environmental aspect, the new collections offer solutions designed for all types of work environments, casual and formal, where we can collaborate, create and work in a productive and healthy way.

These collections include: Õru by Patricia Urquiola (seats and tables); Philippe Starck’s Mariya (sofa); In Out Office by Alfredo Häberli (a flexible work furniture system); Calma Chair by Benjamin Hubert (Andreu World’s first operative chair); as well as expanded versions of LievoreAltherrMolina’s Extra Conference and Gensler Design Consulting’s Connect Table. With this wide range of designs, Andreu World offers a holistic vision to create collaborative spaces that are healthier, more natural and respectful of the planet.

Jesús Llinares, CEO of Andreu World, states: “Our sustainable mission drives us to innovate in traditional techniques and craftsmanship that are the hallmarks of our products. Andreu World’s heritage is based on a deep respect for the natural materials that make up our products. We are excited to share how we have reinvented materiality and manufacturing techniques to support the circular economy at NeoCon this year.”

In addition to its sustainable aspects, each collection promotes user experience, ergonomics, wellness and health in the workplace. The new designs respond to the flexibility required by modern ways of working, whether in the office or at home. With innovative and sustainable materials, adaptable functionality and a collaborative spirit, Andreu World 2022 launches explorative and contemporary work styles marked by responsible innovation.

At NeoCon 2022, the Andreu World showroom in Chicago presents all these collections in different scenes to inspire new forms of organization, highlighting the interplay of color, materiality, aesthetics, quality and ergonomics.

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