Florim Releases The Rêves De Rex Collection

Inspired by the ancient and refined beauty of alabaster, the Rêves de Rex collection transforms the dream of contemporary elegance into reality through delicate nuances and precious colours that are perfectly in step with the most contemporary luxury living trends.

From opulence and ostentation, the luxury world evolves towards more understated and balanced decorations notable for their minimalism. Soft vein patterns and gentle colour contrasts characterise a collection that exudes taste and authenticity, the bright and showy shades of yesterday consigned to memory. Surfaces with luminous, deep and delicate shades restore a sense of preciousness to the space without overpowering the architecture.

The collection comes in a colour palette composed of four shades that stem from a combination of the natural intrinsic qualities of alabaster and the creativity of the most recent research and development studies. Rêve Perle, Rêve Noisette and Rêve Bleu have a light and luminous base with warm natural tints that come to the fore in delicate nuances, acquiring an even rarer preciousness in the Bleu variant. Rêve Choco has an original chocolate-coloured background tempered by hints of grey and illuminated by large lighter steaks, giving the surface an incredibly deep 3D effect and an exquisitely contemporary feel. The collection is completed with two shades with a more romantic flavor, Rêve Jade and Rêve Rose.


The range meets the needs of all types of residential and commercial buildings. The nine sizes all come with matte or glossy finishes and are available in dimensions ranging from the 160×320 cm large size through to the more traditional 30×60 cm. The large sizes, in particular, convey the sumptuousness of alabaster in original aesthetic expressions with dimensions that would be impossible in natural stone. The two thicknesses, 6mm and 10mm, make it suitable for different kind of application.

Colours Rêve Perle

Rêve Noisette

Rêve Bleu 

Rêve Choco 

Sizes cm –  80×180 60×120 60×60* 30×60*

cm (Magnum Oversize slabs) – 160×320 120×280 120×240 120×120 60×120

*formati non disponibili nei colori Rêve Jade e Rêve Rose.

Thicknesses mm 10

mm 6 (Magnum Oversize slabs)

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