Keilhauer Expands The Cahoots Collection With Modern Finishes

Today at NeoCon, Keilhauer is launching new finishes for a  selection of products from their award-winning Cahoots product line, which was originally  launched at NeoCon in 2010. The line’s side and lounge chairs are now available with wood  bases, and its tabletops are now available in two new options: laminate or quartz, supplied by Cambria Quartz Surfaces. 

“Cahoots is a multidimensional lounge collection, and EOOS’s designs have remained stylish  and versatile for over 10 years,” says Meghan Sherwin, Chief Marketing Officer. “The addition of  these materials ensures that this iconic collection will remain modern and fresh, providing  designers with a rush of newfound inspiration and possibility.”  

This is Keilhauer’s second collaboration with Cambria, who also supplies quartz tabletop options  for the company’s Juxta collection. The Cahoots quartz tabletops are available in seven standout finishes: Cambria Black, White Cliff, Ella, Delgatie, Rose Bay, Ella Matte and Rose  Bay Matte. Selecting quartz for the Cahoots table lends an air of luxury and sophistication to this  versatile table, which is available in three different sizes. Providing exceptional value, Cahoots  tabletops are also now available in laminate. 

Previously only available in a steel base, Cahoots’ side and lounge chairs can now be specified  in four-legged wood options, available in ash or walnut. This new material adds an organic,  warm, and natural look to Cahoots seating options, increasing the versatility and adaptability of  the collection.

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