One Chair, Three Different Styles: Meet Goldi

Everybody knows about Goldilocks and the three bears, but they’re about to learn about Goldilocks and the three chairs. Division Twelve is excited to introduce the interior design community to Goldi, the just-right addition to their ever-expanding line of bent steel furniture. Inspired by the beloved fairy tale, Goldi is Division Twelve’s unique take on the classic plywood chair, available in three customizable leg styles: Thin, Classic, and Chunky. Stackable, functional and super stylish, Goldi will have every passerby trying to break in and  have a seat. 

Launching at NeoCon, June 13-15 in Chicago, Goldi is designed by the Vancouver-based Giancarlo Stefani Design Studio. Much like the three bears, each style of Goldi has its own standout personality, allowing the chairs to possess a versatility that can be dressed up or down.  

“With Goldi, we wanted to take the classic plywood chair and push it further,” says Mike  Keilhauer, Division Twelve President. “By providing three style options, Goldi can be endlessly customized, giving the chair its own personality that can be applied in different ways.”

The first style, Thin, features a sleek, slim frame that was designed to accommodate high density stacking, ideal for multipurpose spaces. The second style is Classic, because a classic plywood-style chair never goes out of fashion. The third style, Chunky, was designed to replicate the heavy, sturdier feeling of an all-wood chair, making it a suitable style for high-traffic  areas. When paired with Division Twelve’s vibrant color palette, these seating solutions will be anything but boring. There’s truly a chair for every bear. 

“The intention with Goldi’s design was to create an everyday chair that would be like a supermodel with three different dresses,” says Giancarlo Stefani, designer. “It’s a simple design,  but with very sophisticated details. The three different frames still speak the same language,  allowing them to coexist in the same design environment if desired.”  

Goldi is intended for indoor use and outdoor use, depending on the model, and comes in café height. The chair’s seat is available upholstered, in 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic, in white oak, or in stained white oak that can be color-matched to the exact powder coat used on Goldi’s steel frame. The chair’s backrest is also available in 100% recyclable polypropylene plastic, white oak or stained white oak. For convenience and increased flexibility of use, Goldi can be stacked four to six high, depending on the style.

Division Twelve makes things. Things that make people happy. From tables, to chairs, to stools, our bent metal furniture is built to last. Bent right here in North America, everything we make is the product of durable materials, trend-forward design, and careful craftsmanship. Our incredible selection of colors makes each piece versatile, customizable and ready to help you do you. Division Twelve, a subsidiary of Keilhauer, was founded in 2017 and is headquartered  in Toronto, Ontario.

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