Alexandra Arata Unveils Joyful Artwork in NYC

During a special interview at the AD Design Show 2019 in New York City, artist Alexandra Arata discussed her joyful, energetic work, and the way she approaches art in general.

Alexandra Arata

“Art has to reflect you and the way you live. It’s not about me,” Alexandra told interior designer and House Tipster host Yvette Irene.

Understanding that the art in a home and office should reflect a person’s true self and the things they love, Argentina-born Alexandra works closely with her clients on commissioned projects of varying sizes and scopes.

She uses her education and experience as an interior architect, combined with her knowledge of the links between happiness and color, to create wall sculptures and paintings that match her client’s needs and enliven the space.

Wood is one of her favorite mediums to use because she can create truly custom pieces in virtually any color or size. With wooden wall sculptures, the options are limitless, from squares to circles and every shape in between.

And when it comes to paint, you’ll find a mix of oils and acrylics, depending on the colors or sheens the artwork requires.

Just don’t expect to see a name on each Alexandra Arata piece. While she does give names to entire series such as “Joy” and “Rhythms,” she doesn’t feel right giving every wall sculpture and painting a name. She’d prefer for her customers to form their own takeaways!  

While her customer’s needs are Alexandra’s primary focus, much of her personal art reflects her own self. Hailing from South America, Alexandra speaks fondly of her country, which she notes puts a big focus on family friends and happiness. “I bring all of this into my art. I paint who I am,” she explained. ‘That’s why it’s so colorful.”  

There’s no denying that Alexandra Arata’s art has an unparalleled vibrancy. Her artwork already graces the halls of the White House, and time will only tell where it appears next!

To hear more from our conversation and see an up-close-and-personal look at designs from the show, make sure to check out the exclusive House Tipster Industry LIVE episode we filmed with Alexandra Arata. Press play on the Facebook video below to get started.

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