Koket Presents Fine Furniture Detailing at AD Design Show 2019

For the eleventh year in a row, Koket made its presence felt through luxurious and elegant designs during the 2019 Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City. 

This season, the NYC-born, high-end furniture brand showed off original pieces that showcase the label’s exceptionally creative vision.

Janet Morais

House Tipster Industry host Yvett Irene had the opportunity to speak with Koket CEO and founder Janet Morais on the scene during this AD Design Show presentation, where we were introduced to a stunning selection of great lighting fixtures, seating essentials, tables, and more home furnishings and accessories.

Around 15 years ago, Morais was a successful interior designer working outside of the Washington, D.C. area. She eventually transitioned into the furniture world after struggling to find the right pieces to add special and unique elements to her own designs.

“I was having trouble finding pieces that really spoke to me,” Morais said. “It’s so hard to get different, really interesting pieces. So from my design business, I launched a branding agency to represent international companies in the United States. If I didn’t have interesting clients, I knew that other designers in the U.S. would. So I began a business-to-business company where I was importing furnishings from Europe, primarily Portugal, France, Spain, and Italy.”

“From there, I had the market in my hands, as far as the interior designers database, and I knew where to produce,” Morais added. “So I launched Koket, everything is very feminine, very delicate, like a black dress.”

Now, Koket has a reputation for consistently delivering cutting-edge designs full of smart details and exquisite materials.

At this year’s AD Design Show, our team easily fell in love with a standout piece called the Divine Armoire, an elegant furniture focal piece crafted with real peacock feathers and copper leaf detailing. To give you a sense of the wondrous creativity this brand thrives upon, this piece features a decorative pull called the Chloe (which is also available as a sconce) that is modeled after the idea of a little girl’s hair ribbon dropping to the floor.

For more of the latest news and product spotlights from Koket, make sure to check out the exclusive House Tipster Industry LIVE episode we filmed with Janet Morais at the brand’s booth. Press play on the Facebook video below to get started.

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