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Ace Hardware Names 5-Shade Color Trend Palette for 2020

Ace Hardware has announced five Clark + Kensington paint shades set to be most influential in 2020.

This year’s spotlighted shades are 21B-5 Citron, CW-C6 White Opal, 28A-3 Moment’s Notice, N-C12 Stone Fireplace, and 29C-7 On the Green. Together, they make up a beautifully cohesive palette of nature-inspired hues. Below, we’re breaking down each trending paint color.

Clark + Kensington Citron


Clark + Kensington’s sunny yellow shade Citron is a lovely accent shade that adds light and warmth to any space, especially kitchens and bedrooms.

Plus, the uplifting shade represents an optimistic outlook for the new decade ahead.

“Citron lives up to the 2020 trend of wanting to feel better with the choices we make,” Sneade’s Ace Hardware representative Dana said in a branded video. “This color is just warm and cheery.”


Clark + Kensington White Opal

White Opal

We’re all about crisp new neutrals for the home, and Clark + Kensington’s White Opal is standing out as a fresh and updated take on a classic taupe or eggshell.

After all, “basic” and “standard,” aren’t as inspiring descriptions as color “classic” and “enduring.”

“In 2020, a neutral color like White Opal brightens up a room without feeling bland and sterile,” Ace Hardware said.



Clark + Kensington Moment’s Notice

Moment’s Notice

At first, the shade name “Moment’s Notice” certainly feels like it’s in a rush – like it’s something you pull together at the last minute.

But in fact, the color is a stress-free and calm neutral pastel that we need to see more of in 2020.

“Moment’s Notice offers botanical hues with a mix of a gray and blue,” Dana explained. “It’s a color you’ve got to try.”

We’d recommend it in the family room or in a master bathroom, where you could use a little bit of a relaxing retreat!


Clark + Kensington Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace

Clark + Kensington’s slate gray shade, Stone Fireplace, is crisp and modern, with a touch of traditional charm.

It’s at once high-tech and industrial while being inspired by rock quarries or other natural elements.

“With Stone Fireplace, you can bring a combination of calm and sophistication to a room,” Dana said of the versatile and multi-purpose color.



Clark + Kensington On the Green

On the Green

Perhaps the boldest color in the entire 2020 trend palette is Clark + Kensington’s On the Green, a rich forest green shade that packs an earthy punch.

“A color like On the Green offers and uplifting shade that’s perfect for any accent wall,” Ace Hardware said.

We would recommend using the powerful paint color in a den, home office, or living room – especially paired against natural wood furniture or warm wooden accents.

The nature-inspired hue certainly signals a cultural shift back towards the environment in 2020.

We wonder if any of these five colors will be featured as Ace Hardware’s Color of the Year 2020 pick. We’ll be sure to keep you updated – along with the standout trends of other industry-leading color authorities.

To see all of Ace Hardware’s 2020 Color Trend predictions in action, be sure to check out the brand’s announcement video below.

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