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Dutch Boy Names Garden Green the Color of the Year 2019

Dutch Boy Paints has unveiled its highly-anticipated Color of the Year pick for 2019, and it’s the nature-inspired shade, Garden Green.

“Not too deep and not too primary, this nostalgic, botanical hue stands out for its warm and calming effect,” Dutch Boy Paints announced. “Paired with soft neutral and pops of warm colors, Garden Patch offers rejuvenation and peace at the end of the day in every room of the home.”

Courtesy of Dutch Boy Paints

Rachel Skadifas, color and design manager for Dutch Boy Paints, said the brand’s entire 2019 color palette is lively and full of optimism.

“All of our colors for 2019 have a happier tone and reflect an upswing in how people are feeling,” Skafidas said in a statement. “Even colors that are traditionally on the cooler side of the palette have a level of warmth and happiness than what we’ve seen in the recent. Even though people may see challenges in their lives, they’re thinking positively and expressing more empathy.”

Dutch Boy sees Garden Patch as a color with a variety of indoor and outdoor application possibilities: paint an accent wall in your living room this grassy green, integrate it into your sunny kitchen space, or consider it as the perfect welcoming hue for your front door.

“Garden Patch is a great color that can be used in all areas of the home,” Skadifas said. “When the Dutch Boy color team selects a color, we want it to be something the homeowner can use to transform just about any space.”

Courtesy of Dutch Boy Paints

To go along with Garden Patch, Dutch Boy Paints released three new color palettes that are setting the tone for 2019 ahead. Each palette is composed of eight shades each, and are drawn together through lively greens.

The first of the palettes is a rainbow range called Studio, which is “inspired by the culture of inclusiveness and the celebration of our differences,” according to the brand. Sanctuary is a palette filled with deep, saturated blues and greens, intended for a “new focus on spirituality,” the brand explained.

Homestead, which encapsulates Garden Patch, is a palette composed of softer pastels to “capture the feeling of simple living [and embrace] the craftsmanship of other cultures and the pristine beauty around us,” the brand explained.

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