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Graham & Brown’s Wallpaper And Color of the Year 2022

Announcing their picks this year, Graham & Brown is introducing RESTORE as their selected collection for Wallpaper of the Year, and BREATHE as their choice for Color of the Year.

They both act as reflections, celebrating the sense of nature, self-care, and optimism for the future. Their collections are meant to recap newer designs and colorways, symbolizing their hopefulness to retain preservation of the planet’s ecosystems.

By introducing Midnight, Graham & Brown means to display the open sophistication, which enhances the organic nature of one’s room. Originally designed to maintain and to regard the aspects of healing, rejuvenation, and reconnection, they had one simple message in mind: to help strengthen environmental representation altogether. Along with it, is its juxtaposition, the very fabric between the concepts of man-made and agrarian. Restore Midnight enchants the eye with its wild and tranquil components, embodying the concrete jungle. It features wild trails of exotic botanicals overflowing with the soothing smokiness of a blue backdrop. This piece also highlights how far the industry has come into the development and the evolution of technology, to ultimately decrease the harm that is negatively affecting the ecosystem.

Mural of the Year: Restore Midnight

Restore Sky, on the other hand, features lighter colors, welcoming peace into its space. By blending in the palettes of icy white and sky blue, it is sure to liven up even the smallest of rooms. Whereas, Restore Emerald is considered the more refreshing piece, designed to capture the outdoors. This wallpaper rearranges crisp green, botanical trails meandering through depths of the emerald, green backdrop.

Restore Sky
Restore Emerald

Breathe is the perfect representation of the organization’s pledge to help reduce the pollution affecting our planet. It is a water-based, low odor VOC that produces fewer fumes, making it an environmentally friendlier product.
The wallpaper design company has taken the direction in social conscientiousness and has already decreased their carbon emissions by 29 percent.

Color of the Year: Breathe

Andrew Graham MBE, Chief Executive of Graham & Brown, informatively stated, “All our paints are classed as low or minimal VOC, meaning low odour finishes, no nasty fumes or potentially harmful chemicals and a more easily biodegradable end product. All our paint tins are recyclable, our cardboard packaging is 70% recycled and 30% FSC accredited, and boxes are glued together to avoid the use of non-biodegradable vinyl tape.”

Calm and peaceful for the spaces in your home.

The company was especially inspired by this direction, given the aftermath of COVID-19 and its environmental shifts. Graham recognized that there was more that he and his company could do for the planet. According to Graham, “The sudden collapse of commuter culture decreased air pollution in cities around the world, global carbon emissions fell by 7% and our reduced movement bought a noticeable shift in wildlife. This summer Europe has witnessed flooding, and fires and extreme weather is becoming the norm. Clearly mankind influence in this is beyond doubt.”

Along with the reduction in harmful chemicals, the electricity used for the wallpaper company is now being redistributed through renewable sources. Graham & Brown has even partnered with Forest Carbon, the UK’s leading developer of voluntary carbon woodland projects certified under the Woodland Carbon Code. Graham said, “Together with Forest Carbon, we will commence planting the Graham & Brown wood this winter at Broughton Hall in Skipton. This will see around 25,000 trees planted.  The trees will be indigenous, create wildlife habitats, and follow the Woodland Carbon Code – meaning they would not have otherwise been planted and were planted for the purpose of offsetting our carbon emissions.”

Due to the timespan of 15 years being required for the full maturity of the forests in the United Kingdom, Andrew has further committed to new projects, to helm the improvement of the ecosystems at large.


He commented, “One is in Bali, Indonesia, the ‘Rimba Raya Biodiversity reserve REDD+’, which protects the habitat of the indigenous Orangutans, and the peat reserves, while meeting all 17 of the United Nations Sustainability Goals.  The other is ‘Forestal el Arriero Sustainable Forest’ in Uruguay, which preserves the forest against cattle farming while providing jobs and income for the community from sustainable forestry. Both projects are VERRA (Verified Carbon Standard) accredited. These commitments will see 6,000 tonnes of CO2 offset, making Graham & Brown a carbon neutral business.”


He concluded, by saying, “As you can see, we don’t believe that ‘doing nothing’ is an option when it comes to protecting the world around us for future generations.” With so many companies having to adapt to the world around them, it’s quite the sight to behold when a company works toward changing an industry through environmentalism, rather than just eyeing out the profit margins and seeing how much more coin they can save in the long-run.


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