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Sherwin-Williams Announces Their Pick For Color of The Year 2022

As the season kicks off with a whole new collection of trends, Sherwin-Williams starts autumn by revealing Evergreen Fog, the new 2022 Color of the Year. It’s a nourishing color that accents a sophistication in the blends of gray and green.

Dining Area

Last year, the 2021 Color of the Year was Urbane Bronze and it represented sanctuary and security. Sherwin-Williams, instead of moving the same direction as the previous year, decided to turn heads by bringing a fresh take on green. 

According to the director of color marketing, Sue Wadden, neutrals are warming up and consumers lean towards creative expression at home. With greens increasing in popularity, the team saw Evergreen Fog as the clear cut choice for 2022 Color of the Year.

Wadden expressed, “Each year, we go through this larger process where the Sherwin-Williams global forecast team gets together and hashes out what the trends will be through months and months of research and immersion.”

With its soothing subtlety in shade, it is simple to use in every part of a home. The color is versatile in the variety of spaces, substrates and design styles and best-suited for art-deco, modern organic and postmodernism. Wadden said, “Evergreen Fog brings a regenerative touch to any environment, whether hotel room, restaurant or office.”

Living Room

MODE is an acronym that stands for Method, Opus, Dreamland and Ephemera. While Method represents sustainability, the Opus palette incorporates the rebellious punk rock nature, described as the sinister counterpart. The Dreamland palette more so aims to ensemble the calm into the digital world, while Ephemera brings inspiration to a retro theme.

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The hue is a part of the Method palette, embracing creativity, intention and discovery. Wadden recommends the pairs of hues with organic neutral colors, like Shoji White, Accessible Beige and Woven Wicker. She also recommends tonal luxurious hues, like Urbane Bronze, Uber Umber and Bakelite Gold.


Evergreen Fog is the 12th official Color of the Year and the selection for 2022. The process that goes into making the selection is through researching and gathering inspiration, whether it be from color, design, or pop culture trends. 

The piece of advice that Sue often offers to those interested is to choose colors around their surroundings, “I tell them to start with something they love, whether that be a pillow, rug, or with what’s in their closet.” She says, “Taking cues from the wardrobe can help people better understand the types of colors they gravitate toward and feel most comfortable in.”

In regards to Evergreen Fog, Sue favors how the color is imbued in every region of the home. Since it can contrast against the hues and outdoor elements of the Southwest desert, the greenery of the Northeast, and the blues of the coasts, it is versatile with any available setting.

Office Space

“Evergreen Fog has a strong, positive connotation because it’s naturally in the environment. I also love this green when it’s paired with beautiful wood tones and natural finishes, like hardwood floors, butcher block countertops or wood furniture,” said the director.

MODE Colormix Forecast originated as a way to guide consumers and design professionals into what will be seen on the shelves in 18 months. By curating the palettes based on the influences of travel, entertainment and culture. Sherwin-Williams hosts webinars and presentations to explore disparate collections and colors. This approach holds the purpose of helping design professionals who are seeking inspiration for residential and commercial designs.

Along with a team of local DAEs, or Designer Account Executives, more and more information is organized to learn about the influences behind the 2022 palettes by holding Colormix events throughout the country.

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