Peter Pennoyer Architects Creates Colorful Guest Room for Kips Bay NYC

New York-based firm Peter Pennoyer Architects created a cheery and vibrant guest bedroom filled with an eclectic mix of collectible treasures for this year’s Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Manhattan.

“In designing the room, we assembled a palette inspired by the documentary wall upholstery fabric, with a citron twist,” the team shared in their 2019 show notes. “Schumacher’s Le Castellet graces the walls and curtains, while the striped bed canopy offers a bright surprise.”

2019 © Nickolas Sargent Photography

“Our focus on finishes and textures led us to bejeweled pillows and a modern decorative paint application to the historic fireplace surround,” the design team added in the statement, listing out some exceptional pieces. “A mix of sisal and Swedish carpet layers soften the room, while favorite antique pieces nod to the historic. Artwork by Christina Burch and Christopher Flach lend flights of fancy to this enchanting bedroom.”

2019 © Nickolas Sargent Photography

The House Tipster Industry team was able to speak exclusively with Alice Engel, director of the company’s interior design department, at the charity-benefiting show house’s press day unveiling in Manhattan. There, she explained even more about how pearls of inspiration became reality in this lively and colorful space.

Alice Engel of Peter Pennoyer Architects. Photography by House Tipster

“Peter and I fell in love with this room when we were assigned it [this Kips Bay season], and we’re so glad that we did,” Engel shared. “We transformed it into what, we think, is a lovely respite for an imaginary house guest coming in from Paris for the weekend. [The room] speaks to our love of color and pattern, and really sort of modernizes the neoclassical story.”

Photography by House Tipster

European detailing can be seen everywhere throughout the room, including in Greek-inspired blue key trim, neoclassical architectural moments, and the aforementioned Swedish carpeting.

To hear more about Peter Pennoyer Architects’ bedroom space at the 2019 Kips Bay Decorator Show House NYC, make sure to catch a recap of our live video stream guided by Alice Engel in the Facebook player below.

Guests will be able to attend the 47th Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House, located at 36-38 East 74th Street, New York, NY, now through May 30, 2019. Stay tuned for more of House Tipster Industry’s exclusive coverage of the show, including more virtual tours guided by the season’s top designers.

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