Kin & Company Showcase Wave Table at Maison & Objet Fall 2019

Cousins Kira de Paola and Joseph Vidich are the designers behind Kin & Company, a Brooklyn-based design practice that showcased a variety of exciting work this Fall 2019 season of Maison & Objet in Paris.

In addition to debuting these products for the first time in France, Kin & Company was among six up-and-coming creatives from the United States honored at this season’s Rising Talent Awards.

Kira de Paola and Joseph Vidich of Kin & Company with Patti Carpenter. Photography by House Tipster
Photography by House Tipster

House Tipster Industry partner and Maison & Objet Global Trend Ambassador Patti Carpenter spoke with both artists ahead of their award ceremony, and learned about how the design-savvy family members first started working together.

“We both started out in fine art originally, and then our careers progressed in the same direction,” de Paola said. “I went into interior design, and Joseph moved into architecture and went to graduate school. We were always close and got along really well. Eventually we just said, let’s collaborate! Why not?”

Among the pieces Kin & Company presented at this international Maison & Objet event are a beautiful circular mirror, and their edgy Wave Table, a piece developed from two flat pieces of metal: a heat-treated steel that reflects light in different captivating colors.

“We love to explore, in our work, this feeling of movement,” de Paola added about the. brand’s designs. “Or implied movement, even if the piece is a static object.”

Photography by House Tipster

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To hear more from Patti Carpenter’s interview with the Kin & Company team, be sure to catch a recap of House Tipster Industry’s Paris live stream in the video player below.

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