Maison Newcomer Momenti Shows Cutting-Edge Designs

Momenti Italian Custom Design, a Maison & Objet first-time exhibitor, drew in large crowds attracted to the company’s bold styles and extensive offerings during the winter 2019 expo in Paris, France.

Alexander Bagani, Patti Carpenter and Matteo Bagani

Brothers Alexander and Matteo Bagani, lifelong creators and designers from Forli, Italy, started Momenti two years ago in nearby Bologna. Since then, they’ve worked on their own designs and also collaborated with renowned designers and architects to complete stunning custom projects.

This show season, the Baganis met with Global Trend Ambassador Patti Carpenter, who was captivated by their designs.

“The lightness and femininity of these pale, blush tones combined with such evocative imagery: that’s what initially drew me in,” Carpenter said.

Momenti’s collections fall into four categories: furniture, tile, paintings, and paper. Everything (yes, everything!) is handmade in Italy using a variety of materials such as fiberglass, fabric, and resin. The artists that help create Momenti’s jaw-dropping designs come from all over the world: from Romania to the United States.

Most notable to Carpenter and other Maison trend spotters was Momenti’s use of juxtaposition, particularly in the Crazy Paper wallpaper collections. The light hues of the backdrop contrast and accentuate the bold patterns and designs.

“There’s a sense of circus with all the acrobats and tigers… [combined with] a soft feminine blush side,” said Carpenter of styles NO-02 and NO-01.

Although Momenti is a young company, they’re already well known on the international stage. In fact, Momenti recently completed a custom project for an upscale Miami restaurant where everything was 100% custom made!

“[Momenti] is what’s new and what’s next. They’re on the cutting edge of design,” noted Carpenter.

Per the Bagani brothers, “…the aim is to offer the highest quality products, result of great attention to every single part of the production process, from the choice of materials and their quality, the attention to details, made of great knowledge, experience and extraordinary technique.”

Tipster TV has released the full video coverage from our special interview, be sure to check it out below.

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