Maison & Objet Rising Talent Awards 2020 Honor French Designers

This season, Parisian global design fair Maison & Objet will be taking place from January 17-21, 2020 in France. The show will be spotlighting six up-and-coming French designers during that time through the Rising Talent Awards.

Past Rising Talent Awards have honored emerging talents across China, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, and Lebanon. This year, event organizers said they wanted to honor the show’s French origins in timing with the 25th anniversary of the fair.

“We thought it was an excellent opportunity to return to our roots and to survey the best of home young talent,” said Philippe Brocart, Managing Director of SAFI, the company that organizes Maison & Objet, in a press statement. “Few countries can boast such a rich heritage in the fields of the decorative arts and design as France, and that tradition is now being extended by an exciting new generation, who are pushing the boundaries of their craft.”

Photography via Maison & Objet Rising Talent Awards

The six Paris-based designers set to be honored at the January 2020 show are Wendy Andreu, Mathieu Peyroulet Ghillini, Natacha & Sacha, Laureline Galliot, Julie Richoz, and Adrien Garcia.

“Particularly striking is the way their different concerns overlap,” Maison & Objet shared in a show release. “Ecological issues are very much to the fore, whether it be Adrien Garcia’s desire to create durable objects that can be passed on to future generations, Natacha & Sacha’s innovative heating designs that reduce energy consumption, or Wendy Andreu’s love of working with molds because the process generates a minimum of waste.”

“There is also an attraction to the handmade, either using age-old materials or strikingly innovative ones, and an aspiration to question the status quo and offer novel solutions,” the release explained. “Such is the experimental approach of Mathieu Peyroulet Ghilni. And nowhere is this more evident in general than in the fields of technology and mass production. As Laureline Galliot says, ‘A machine that creates perfect geometrical forms stresses me out. I want to reeducate the eye to more organic, less industrial shapes.'”

This year’s awards jury consisted of Fondation Lafayette Anticipations president Guillaume Houzé; Galerie kreo co-founder Didier Krzentowski, art historian and Ateliers de Paris director Françoise Seince, Ecole Camondo design school director René-Jacques Mayer, interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch, and Maison & Objet’s 2017 Designer of the Year, Pierre Charpin.

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