Robert Allen + DwellStudio Presents Rich, Modern Collaboration

Robert Allen Design Group, known for their rich assortment of modern-inspired premium fabrics, home and hospitality furnishings, and renowned design services, unveiled a new collaborative fabric line with Dwell Studio.

Courtesy of Robert Allen Duralee Group
From Modern Drama Collection. Courtesy of Robert Allen Duralee Group.

Robert Allen + Dwell Studio builds on Dwell’s mid-century modern aesthetic with bold yet versatile prints in three categories: Modern Drama, Modern Bohemian, and Modern Caravan.

Modern Drama infuses an old-Hollywood look using warm hues and contrasting patterns. As the fashion-forward option, Modern Drama is both understated and glamorous. Vento Ribbon in Persimmon, a standout pattern, features a blend of deep, bold orange with approachable hues like grey and beige. It’s a collection that’s bound to transform a single chair or ottoman into a statement piece.

From Modern Bohemian Collection. Courtesy of Robert Allen Duralee Group.

Likewise, Modern Bohemian also focuses heavily on warm hues, but with a more global, worldly application. Scrollwork, animal skins, and nature scenes dominate this line, as evidenced by Modern Toile in Graphite and Saskia in Peacock.

Finally, Modern Caravan brings the desert aesthetic inside via interpretive patterns that range from simple to ornate and are designed to appeal to homeowners who are prone to wanderlust. Zari Stripe in Ink, with its contrasting black and white pattern, is one of the most eye-catching options through this entire collaborative collection.

From Modern Caravan Collection. Courtesy of Robert Allen Duralee Group.

“As a celebrated home decor brand, DwellStudio brings trust, vision and expertise to every Robert Allen @ Home collection. Fusing their mid-century modern aesthetic with our rich colors and array of fabric constructions, these collections offer up fashion-forward style with timeless appeal,” noted a Robert Allen representative.

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