Day 1 Recap: Las Vegas Market

We just finished up the first day of the five-day bi-annual Las Vegas Market, one of the largest furniture and decor expos in the country.

“Market,” as it’s affectionately called by organizers, vendors, and attendees alike, has been a 24-hour whirlwind for us at House Tipster — and we didn’t expect anything less. After all, there are over 4,000 exhibitors covering over 5 million square feet of show space. It’s a dream come true for aficionados of home décor and furniture.

We spent Day 1 speaking with designers and brand representatives from all over the United States. There are so many great products here, and so much stuff to talk about, but here are a few of the people and companies we had the pleasure of talking to.

Scott Eckman: Las Vegas Market

Scott Eckman, leasing director for Las Vegas Market, plays an indispensable role in helping put the entire Market together season after season along with his 200+ coworkers. We were fortunate to speak with Scott about how, exactly, one organizes an event of this magnitude.

He told us “Market is a puzzle” and his goal is to ensure that every exhibitor finds the right space for them. He orchestrates the event by focusing, first and foremost, on using strong communication.

Aside from all the logistics, Scott most enjoys the relationships that are built year after year at Market. Once an exhibitor comes to Market, there’s a big chance they’ll be back! “People come here to become ‘big companies’ and, in the process, we become good friends with them.”

To Scott and his team, Market is the equivalent of the holiday season. This year, there are over 150 new exhibits, meaning there’s a whole slew of new products to explore. How exciting is that?

We loved speaking with Scott and learning about how Market operates. Thanks to Scott and Las Vegas Market for this amazing insight!

Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard Furniture, a Market first-timer, was represented by showroom manager Joanne Tatem. We enjoyed talking with Joanne about all that Vanguard is adding to the Las Vegas Market on a full-time basis.


“We’re excited because it’s our first show here at Market,” says Joanne. This new, vast showroom, which will be open indefinitely here in Vegas, is in addition to their High Point showroom on the East Coast.

Like many others here at Market, the main purpose of this new location is to help the brand branch out and expand their audience here in the West.

And with furniture as high-end and innovative as theirs, we don’t think that’s going to be an issue.

One of the best features that Vanguard offers is their extensive customization capabilities. In fact, you can personalize each piece of furniture from the upholstery all the way down to the hardware and other finishing touches. The possibilities are endless! Plus, the quality is high-end and unsurpassed, ranging from contemporary to traditional.

The craftsmanship we saw from Vanguard is definitely notable. If you’re interested in learning more, browse their online product offerings.

Cyan Design

We also had a great conversation with Field Bradford, the marketing manager at Cyan Design. Field introduced us to their gigantic line of home decor and accessories, and we completely fell in love with their coastal-cool vibe.

This 12-year-old family-owned company based in Fort Worth, TX has been creating lighting and other home decor items that are shaping the entire industry. Today, they have over 4,000 active and in-stock items available to retailers and designers, ranging from glass chandeliers to rugs, pillows and everything in between. The best part? Their products work in a vast number of applications from residential to commercial.

Cyan Design isn’t new to Market. In fact, they’ve come to this bi-annual event regularly over the past five years. Like many companies we spoke with, Market is all about getting in front of some of the most important retailers and designers in the country, especially those who make the Western US their home.

Today, we got to check out some of their 350+ new designs, 135 of which are innovative pillow designs. Field says that consumers today are swooning over their latest series of clear glass light fixtures.

Browse one of Cyan Design’s online catalogs here.

Four Hands

Aside from their classic and ever-expanding product selection, Four Hands is a furniture company with a great story. We spoke at-length with Jerome Kearns, Executive Vice President at Four Hands and he let us in on the real meaning behind the name of his company. Twenty years ago, every single product would pass through the hands of the company’s two founders before heading to the floors of their retailers, hence “Four Hands.”

Since those early years, Four Hands has grown exponentially. Representatives from the company have been coming to “Market” for years, specifically because it’s a great place to showcase their newest and trendiest products to the ever-expanding West Coast market. Today, we were able to see some of their latest upholstery offerings.

What makes Four Hands stand out as a furniture design company? According to Jerome, it’s just a really good product-centered company focused on creating an aesthetic that retailers from Maine to Hawaii enjoy using.

After speaking with Jerome and viewing the products up close and personal, we have no doubt that Four Hands will continue to set new trends and showcase new styles in design and upholstery.

To browse Four Hand’s products, contact a local dealer.

Stay Tuned For More!

We talked with several other amazing product designers and representatives, including Market legend and world-renowned designer Christopher Guy, as well as Joanne Tatem from Vanguard Furniture. We’ll be bringing you features from Christopher and Joanne in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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