Phillips Collection’s Organic Furniture Popular Worldwide

House Tipster invites you to discover and explore our newest inspiration: The Phillips Collection. Here’s an insightful interview we had with Jason Phillips, vice president and creative director at Phillips Collection.

House Tipster: Jason, it’s nice to meet you. The Phillips Collection is awe-inspiring! I would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview you for the audience of Would you tell our readers why the Phillips Collection is so successful?

Jason Phillips: We have always marched to the beat of our own drum. We search the world for intriguing objects, and through decades of experience understanding the tastes of designers and their clientele we know what they are looking to place in their environments. We have also learned that style and sensibility varies drastically around the country and world, so we take a three-pronged approach to meeting these needs.

HT: What is the three-step process that works so well to meet the drastically different needs?

Jason: First, we try to design products that meet the most universal audience. Pieces that can exist in contemporary, transitional, rustic, and even traditional interiors.

Second, we design into specific markets. We know the high-end residential market in New York City requires smaller scale for smaller interiors, and of course luxurious finishes. But our commercial customers designing lobbies need scale.

Lastly, and most importantly, we discover new designs, new scale, and new finishes. We don’t often know how those will play out. That is, for us, the most exciting aspect of Phillips Collection.

HT: What is the table in highest demand from your customers?

Jason: The best reaction came from our Amethyst and Agate tables. The bestseller continues to be our live edge Chamcha wood dining table from our Origins Collection. It has been a runaway success based on the natural beauty of the wood and the sustainability story regarding how we source these reclaimed pieces.

HT: Is every single stone table unique?

Jason: We deal with extraordinary one-of-a-kind furnishings. So each table has its own individual product id. We take the time to measure, weigh, and photograph plus list each piece. And when they are sold, they undergo a deluxing process of re-sanding and refinishing the table so each one leaves the facility in perfect condition.

But we also sell plenty of furnishings that are repeatable. The individuality of the Origins Collection is something quite unique in the market — especially for a company of our size.

HT: Millennials are different than other generations and demand honesty, authenticity, and transparency from companies they spend their money with. They are flocking to your collections. Why is that?

Jason: We love to explore found materials, celebrating nature and the unusual. Our Origins Collection is responsibly sourced. Many of the root tables are pulled from the ground where not a single tree was cut down. We don’t only end up with an extraordinary table base, but we clean the land and make it farmable once again. We reclaim oil drums, paint cans, bicycle wheels… and turn them into funky wall art and sculpture.

We are transparent in our business operations and celebrate artisans around the world. It is how we’ve always operated, even thirty years back when the Millennials generation were babies. We do love knowing Millennials see the value and natural beauty of our collection.

HT: A lot more people are working from home nowadays. What types of solutions do you offer?

Jason: We have wonder, small scale tables, stools, and chairs that work in home offices. As I mentioned earlier, we design specifically for smaller spaces since many of our clients live in large cities where rents have skyrocketed. We have high end collections but also products at price points that a larger audience of young people can access.

HT: What are your most impactful pieces?

Jason: The Origins dining, coffee, and console tables. We work with every part of the tree and seek out those pieces with cracks and character marks, unusual grain patterns and dramatic scale. It is a celebration of nature. Each piece resonated differently with people. And when someone loves our table, they really fawn over it!

HT: What collection pieces been voted Most popular?

Jason: While our Origins business is iconic in its own right, we have some amazing tables, sculptures, wall art and seating that wows our customers. From seat belt chairs to river stone tables, amethyst columns and oil drum wall discs, we have exciting designs in every category.

HT: What do customers special request most often?

Jason: Our customers often require slight modifications to the tables. Whether they need it cut down 6 inches or perhaps raised to bar height. But we also get the requests for different stains, sheens and durability requirements.

As for our commercial customers, they sometimes want us to add the ability to put electrical outlets in the tables with hidden cords for conference rooms and laptop and smartphone charging. To achieve this, we have a full woodshop and state of the art spray booth to handle our large-scale tables.

HT: Jason, we thank you for your time. It has been such a pleasure and very exciting browsing the stunning pieces in the Phillips Collection. We’re sure our readers will agree. Is there anything else you would like to tell them?

Jason: We invite House Tipster users to visit us online at Phillips Collection to discover the full breath of our unique collection gallery.

If you are looking for innovative and unique designs for the furnishings in your home or business, then be sure to visit a Phillips Collection showroom location in Atlanta, High Point, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas or Laguna. You can also get in contact with a rep of Phillips Collection for more information. To stay up to date on upcoming events and markets where Phillips Collection will be featured, bookmark this page.

Phillips Collection is proudly on a green mission and fully supports the sustainable furniture cause. To learn more, click here.

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