Charles Pavarini III Talks Future of Lighting at Dallas Market 2019

Pavarini Design president and founder Charles Pavarini III moderated a lighting lecture event called “Decorative Residential Lighting Trends in a Competitive LED-Driven Market,” at Dallas Market Center’s fall edition of Dallas Design Week.

Arch-Interiors designer and House Tipster host Christopher Grubb sat down with Pavarini, a friend of the site, to hear his take about the future of lighting trends.

Charles Pavarini III and Christopher Grubb. Photography by House Tipster

“The lecture was very interesting, we had four manufacturers on the panel: Swarovski, Progress, Eurofase, and Hammerton,” Pavarini said. “We talked about customization and the new lighting and technology that is happening. How do we deal with that when designing fixtures?”

Throughout his career as an interior designer, Pavarini has grown to appreciate the different effects lights can have on a space. But his first important uses of lighting came long before he was working on home designs.

Charles Pavarini III. Photography by House Tipster

“I first became aware of lighting when I was in theater,” he explained. “I realized the power of light. When I went into design, I really started researching and getting information and knowledge on lighting, because lighting is key in interiors. At my firm, we use lighting as a design tool. Not to illuminate a space, but to design with light.”

Pavarini is taking his expertise in this realm a step further: he is launching a lighting line with Kuzco in Dallas in January 2020. In the range, he is balancing modern technological updates with classic essentials.

“Lighting is complex now with the new technology, and at first we designed integral lighting fixtures,” he said. “We got back our drawings from Kuzco who said they wanted us to design with the typical sockets: Edison and candelabra. They didn’t want fixtures being sent back if something burns out. Even though its known that LEDs can be 50,000 hours, I think it’s too new of a technology to really see that.”

“We designed around decorative fixtures that could be used in a contemporary setting,” he added.

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing these designs in action!

To hear more from Charles Pavarini II and Christopher Grubb’s conversation at Dallas Market, be sure to catch a full recap of House Tipster Industry’s live stream in the video player below.

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