Eurofase Presents Lighting Showroom at Dallas Market Fall 2019

Modern? Traditional? Edgy? Artistic? Eurofase Lighting presented it all in the brand’s fabulous showroom at Dallas Market Center’s fall edition of Dallas Design Week. The Toronto-based, European-inspired custom light firm went all out with gorgeous designs for the occasion.

Arch-Interiors designer and House Tipster host Christopher Grubb spoke exclusively with showroom manager Amy Freeman and Dan McIntosh, Eurofase’s Director of Sales, to hear all about their most popular, best-selling light fixtures – and their design inspirations.

Christopher Grubb, Amy Freeman, and Dan MacIntosh. Photography by House Tipster

“A lot of what’s been popular lately has just been customization in general,” Freeman said. “The string lights have been a huge, huge product for us to sell. We have a lot of different pieces: the bubble lights have been extremely popular, everyone loves them. It depends on what the project is, but a lot of what we have been selling is the customization pieces.”

Photography by House Tipster

This team has specifically been working with designers in the Dallas area, who come in to match expressive lighting accents to their projects.

Photography by House Tipster

Around this showroom, there are plenty of different artistic chandelier styles and impressive shapes on display: from functional and futuristic LED light strips to organic leather detailing and modern Sputnik-style fixtures, there is no shortage of creativity to suit any space.

Photography by House Tipster

“We have a team of guys who really travel all around the world,” MacIntosh said of how the brand curates its designs. “We’re headed up by a guy named Tony Zitoli who’s our Vice President of Sales, and he really has his hand on all product designs. He’s a really hands-on guy at all levels of the company.”

Photography by House Tipster

“When it comes to colors, he’s seen them over in Europe, and we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to North America,” MacIntosh added.

Photography by House Tipster

To view more from Eurofase and catch Christopher Grubb’s full interview with the team at Dallas Market, be sure to catch a recap of House Tipster Industry’s live stream in the video player below.

Stay tuned for even more of our upcoming Dallas Design Week coverage, including more exclusive profiles and virtual tours around the market.

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