Donna Moss Dishes on Her Floral Collaboration with The Botanical Mix

Dallas-local interior designer and Donna Decorates Dallas HGTV host Donna Moss met up with the House Tipster Industry team during this Fall 2019 season of Dallas Market Center’s Dallas Design Week. There, she dished on the Texas-based custom flower arrangement company she’s partnering with, The Botanical Mix.

Donna Moss. Photography by House Tipster

This innovative botanical brand is doing some impressive work, that’s all enhanced with technology.

Moss took our host Christopher Grubb through the The Botanical Mix’s showroom, where we were introduced to principle designer and entrepreneur Shane Friesenhahn.

Through their conversations, we learned why The Botanical Mix isn’t your typical florist – and why Moss is thrilled to have her own dazzling line with the brand.

“We do a little bit of everything: we do replicas of nature, which we have a new technology where we 3D print our orchids,” Friesenhahn said. “I use nature as an inspiration and we use freeze-dried saturated moss and lots of colors.”

The company has made a name for itself all across the botanicals space, and does tons of events, weddings, and custom creations around Dallas and abroad.

Photo via Donna Moss

It was specifically The Botanical Mix’s use of sparkling crystals, unique gemstones, and unusual yet still nature-influenced colors that inspired Moss – the true “Queen of Bling” – to spark up a collaboration.

“One of the things that drew me to Shane was his product is just over-the-top beautiful,” Moss shared. “It’s got a lot of sparkle, like quartzite and titanium quartzite, which [there] is a lot of in my line.”

“We collaborated on vibrant, beautiful colors,” Moss said of her designs, which come in deep blues, hunter green, and electric pinks. “My clients want top-of-the-line pieces.”

To hear more about The Botanical Mix and take a tour around their space at Dallas Market with Donna Moss and Shane Friesenhahn, be sure to catch a full recap of House Tipster Industry’s live stream in the video player below.

Stay tuned for even more of our upcoming Dallas Design Week coverage, including more exclusive profiles and virtual tours around the market.

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