Stacy Garcia Talks Business Branding at Dallas Market Fall 2019

Interior designer Stacy Garcia is the esteemed founder of both textile supplier LebaTex, Inc., and her own licensing firm and design house, Stacy Garcia, Inc. During Dallas Market Center’s Fall 2019 season of Dallas Design Week, she was specially invited to speak on the topic of establishing a personal brand, which she clearly knows all about.

Stacy Garcia. Photography by House Tipster

Ahead of her market lecture, “Stand Out from the Noise: How to Amplify your Business Through Creative Marketing,” Garcia spoke with Lisa Dawson from House Tipster Industry during this year’s event to talk about her own successful businesses, career path, and next big moves. This includes a collaboration with IMAX, a new line with QVC and even more great hospitality products.

“I started my first business 20 years ago, Lebatex. We are celebrating 20 years in business, and we decided to collaborate with different designers,” Garcia said. “We have 20 interior designers that we’re partnered with, and the idea really came off of some fun and success that we’ve been having with collaborations.”

Among these continuing collaborations is a special partnership with friend of House Tipster and glass mosaic artist, Allison Eden.

“Allison Eden is just amazing: she just does the most outrageous pattern, and it matches her personality and matches her style,” Garcia said. “We approached her to license a collection through LebaTex to be able to take her designs and produce them on fabric and bring them to the interior design marketplace. We did that a couple years ago, and based on how fun that was, we decided to celebrate our 20-year anniversary with a whole other collaboration, with 20 interior designers coming up with their own pattern each.”

Stacy Garcia. Photography by House Tipster

“We just launched the second grouping, and people are really excited about it,” Garcia added. “It’s been humbling to see the names, and the people who have been supporting us over the years come out and be willing to collaborate with us.”

“It’s been a wild ride, and lots of fun with lots of ups and downs,” the designer shared about her career journey. It certainly sounds like she has consistently been on a great path!

She credits much of her early licensing success to a unexpected partnership with Hunter Douglas which began one year after LebaTex’s founding.

After creating multiple successful lines with the prestigious blinds and window coverings brand, Garcia conceptualized the Stacy Garcia Lifestyle brand – which continues to grow beyond her wildest dreams.

Now, this custom incorporation works with 23 different brands on several specialized product lines and spinoff labels, which are currently being sold in 52 countries.

“We’ve spent a lot of time developing products for the hospitality industry: everything from floor to ceiling,” Garcia said.

Stacy Garcia. Photography by House Tipster

This Dallas Market season, Garcia celebrated the upcoming January 2020 launch of her newest venture, Stacy Garcia Home, with IMAX in their beautiful showroom.

“It’s an eclectic collection, and it’s modern, which is very much my aesthetic. All of the designs that we create are really inspired by travel. It’s about where you would go, people you meet along the way, the sights and sounds, the colors and textures.”

“It’s clean, it’s modern, it has mixed materials,” she said about the IMAX range. “I think that it will hopefully inspire designers to put [pieces] in the homes they’re working on, and just put the finishing touch on it. IMAX is great, because a lot of times as a designer, you’re stuck at the end: the accessories, the artwork. It’s all the finishing touches.”

We can’t wait to see these charming pieces in action when the collection launches – and undoubtedly immediately charms designers – at the top of the new year.

To hear more from our exclusive conversation with Stacy Garcia at Dallas Market, be sure to catch a full recap of House Tipster Industry’s live stream in the video player below. You can also check out Stacy Garcia’s featured profile in our inspiring Women of Design series now.

Stay tuned for even more of our upcoming Dallas Design Week coverage, including more exclusive profiles and virtual tours around the market.

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