Dwell on Design: Meet the Architects & Home Tours

When I think of modern design, I automatically begin to picture the window-filled, bright, contemporary homes in and around Hollywood. Southern California has a complete monopoly on my modern design-daydreams — and for good reason. This area is chock-full of the best modern homes in the country.

So the fact that Dwell, the go-to modern design digest for homeowners and industry professionals, chose to once again hold their Dwell on Design expo in Los Angeles was a no-brainer. So many movers and shakers in the field have made this region their canvas.

And this weekend, our team is being given the chance to get a glimpse of this modern design artwork up close and personal.

House Tipster’s complete coverage of Dwell on Design begins with “Meet the Architects.” They, we close out the event with the Home Tours. Here’s everything you need to know about both events hosted by Dwell.

About Meet the Architects

“Meet the Architects” is an evening devoted to the dreamers and doers of the 10 homes featured in Dwell on Design’s Home Tours option. The event kicks off at 7 PM on Thursday, June 22, at the Pacific Design Center.

During this exclusive soiree, the architects, builders, interior designers, and other professionals responsible for the inspiration and build of the homes will talk about their work and provide insight into their specific projects.

“Meet the Architects” is the best way to get to know the homes in the tours and the minds behind them. It’s an exciting, can’t-miss event for anyone interested in modern architecture.

Home Tours 101

Speaking of the Home Tours, the homes featured in Dwell on Design’s 2017 Home Tours are one-of-a-kind examples of modern architecture and design. In fact, Dwell hand-selected these houses based on their adherence to the magazine’s ideal standard that ultimately blends livable function with modern design elements.

On June 24, the first day of the home tours, attendees can visit a total of five homes located in Santa Monica, Culver City, and Venice. They range from the pre-fabricated, multi-story home designed by Jennifer Siegal, to the sustainably-built Minarc creation.

Then, on June 25, we’ll all head to the Hills of Santa Monica to view a mixture of remodeled and contemporary architectural masterpieces.

All 10 homes are made with the highest quality building and design products, making them remarkably magazine-worthy. (Get ready to swoon!)

What We’re Bringing to You

Our press team is ready and eager to bring you all the essential design-related news from “Meet the Architects” and the Home Tours.

We’ll be providing some great takeaways from the events, including information on the latest must-have designs for homeowners and professionals across the country. In addition, we plan to feature our favorite products, builders, architectural firms and more during and after Dwell on Design on our website and Facebook page.

We’re just getting started with our Dwell on Design coverage. Stay tuned for more!

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