Dwell on Design: The Ultimate Modern Design Showcase

Modern design: It’s a style we can’t get enough of here at House Tipster. We find sleek lines, clean spaces, and purposeful material selection both breathtakingly beautiful AND functional. It’s a style that appeals across many spectrums, whether you’re young or old, swimming in money or just your average Joe.

And when we learned that Dwell, the modern design inspiration powerhouse, was hosting another Dwell on Design event, we knew that there’s no way we could miss it. Why? Because modern matters to YOU as a homeowner. We know you love the stylistic features of modern design as much as we do and we want to keep you informed on all the current and emerging trends that will transform our spaces in the future.

Dwell on Design begins June 22, but here’s what you need to know about the event before our “official” coverage begins.

About Dwell & Dwell on Design

Today’s modern design pieces, from furniture and light fixtures to actual, physical homes and buildings, are based on mid-century modern trends that went mainstream in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, the concept behind modern design hasn’t changed much (after all, we’re still swooning over those strategic yet simple finishes) but technology has completely altered our options.

Dwell, a magazine and online resource devoted to all things modern, is the ultimate source if you’re an enthusiast of modern design looking to browse and learn about the trend.

Their annual expo, hosted in the Los Angeles Convention Center, brings together the brightest and most creative minds to showcase and learn about the progression of modernity. The 2017 Dwell on Design event kicks off on the evening of June 22 and lasts through June 25.

House Tipster & Dwell on Design

A select team from House Tipster is headed to Dwell on Design to find the best, most innovative and unique trends and bring the information back to you.

We’re interested in learning about the most energy-efficient lighting options, the best outdoor living designs, and the neatest functional decor. These are some of the happenings of Dwell on Design and how we plan to cover it for you, our readers.


With over 200 exhibitors at Dwell on Design, one could virtually spend all their time on the convention floor.

Booths feature every aspect of modern design, from international design concepts and renowned architects to furniture and accessories, home technology, and so on.

We’ll be interviewing representatives from our favorite exhibits to give you glimpse into their vision and how it may work for you.

Home Tours & ‘Meet the Architects’ Night

Southern California is THE place to find modern architecture. From brand-new construction to modern prefab and restored mid-century gems, you’ll find it all in and around Los Angeles.

Luckily, attendees of Dwell on Design can visit some of these spectacular homes first-hand through the Home Tours option. House Tipster will attend the Home Tour’s kickoff event, “Meet the Architects,” on the evening of June 22. There, we’ll learn about the thought process behind the design and builds of the 10 homes featured on the tour. Then, we’ll travel to the houses found in Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, the East Side, and Hollywood Hills on June 24 and 25.

It’s a great opportunity to see the trends in action and bring it all back to our audience.

Sessions, Guest Speakers & Continuing Education

An important part of the conference is the learning and education aspect. In fact, the first day (June 23) is reserved for design professionals and retailers only.

We’ll hear from Martyn Lawrence Bullard, designer to the stars, whose work has been in over 4,000 publications, as well as Sir David Adjaye, reclaimed architect and the brains behind the design of the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of African American History and Culture.

In a series of sessions, speakers from all industry niches including product design, building, and marketing will be there to talk about their ideas and experiences in the field.

Stay Tuned for More

Stay connected with House Tipster via our our Facebook feed and press page as we go behind the scenes at Dwell on Design and bring you the latest information related to modern design.

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