Jennifer Farrell Executes A Whole New Approach With Calibu Vineyard

For 20 long years, Jennifer Farrell has garnered fame, credibility, and esteem. With a reputation of working alongside a number of industry leaders, Farrell is now working on a transformative project. 

Collaborating with Visualizer Plus, Farrell and a team of expert 3D designers are working towards a fresh, avant-garde approach into the outreach of her Calibu Vineyard project. It once started out as a dream. The goal was to build a vineyard that would ultimately reshape the definition of the traditionalist element of interior design.

A jeu de mots, Calibu culminated as a double entendre between Calabasus and Malibu. What is most exciting about this vineyard is its channel of punctuating the 3D design space. Although it may seem tentative, the newly designed virtual renderings illuminates and enhances the visual aspects of the 3D models at hand. The features and products of Calibu will also execute products that will revise the shopping experience.

“This is sort of a new way to approach a showhouse. So typically, you’d walk into a showcase house, you buy your ticket, you take the tour, an hour later, you’re out the door. This is an 18-month experience,” Farrell said. Mentioning her partnership with Visualizer Plus, Jennifer went on to say, “they [Visualizer Plus] are creating a virtual reveal, space by space, of the entire home and then, there’ll be a virtual, shoppable tour at the end.”  

Featuring luxury brands, like Emser tiles, Hector Landgrave furniture, Karastan rugs, and so much more, the Calibu Vineyard project is the brainchild, showcasing the benefits of 3D technology.

Calibu Vineyard is a three-and-a-half acre estate with a built-in working vineyard. At one point, it was an abandoned 7300 square foot home that had been sitting empty. Until after about a decade, Jennifer bought the property and transformed it into her own modern Montauk-inspired oasis. Acting as a 19-room show house, complete with a working vineyard and Lagoon pool, the home will inevitably be exactly how Farrell once pictured it.  

Utilizing a multimedia facet of social media platforms, Jennifer is elevating her partnerships to new heights. Luxe Magazine has also been compiling more attention to the project, showcasing the virtual tour through their campaign. 

Featured in many other television programs like, Find Me A Beach House, Find Me A Vacation Home, and Behind the Gates, Jennifer Farrell will soon be starring in AWE TV’s newest program, Most Amazing Homes. If you’re curious about what’s happening with the project, you can keep up-to-date information and current news highlighting the project through the Calibu Vineyard website. The three-and-a-half acre show house is expected to be completed by May 2022.

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