Barbara Ostrom Debuts Film Lover’s Theater at Holiday House Hamptons

Have you ever wanted to have a fully-immersive private movie theater, right in your own home? Barbara Ostrom & Associates created a Hollywood celebrity-ready media room titled “A Night at the Oscars,” just for this year’s Holiday House Hamptons charity show in Water Mill, New York.

“This dramatic home theater is the destination hideaway of the house,” Ostrom shared in her show notes. “It is impossible to resist the luxurious comfort of the deep cushiony seating that invites you to sit down and sink in forever. With the clarity of the picture on the screen and the surround sound enveloping your every sensibility, who needs the Roxy? Portraits of iconic stars line the walls, and the unexpected painted mural of Marilyn Monroe lights up the ceiling.”

Barbara Ostrom. Photography by House Tipster

House Tipster Industry guest host Alexis Parent of Alexis Parent Interiors spoke with designer Barbara Ostrom at the 2019 charity show house’s unveiling event, where we learned all about the impressive details behind her sophisticated yet cozy movie room. Plus, she explained how she turned the ordinary home room into a practical, sound-proof space, perfect for late night binge-watching sessions.

Photography by House Tipster

“We found, after we got the theater, that the walls weren’t insulated enough,” Ostrom said. “So to keep the sound and the music from going all over the house and into the master bedroom, I upholstered the walls by the screen. The speakers are behind the pictures of the movie stars, which we had silkscreened on to special fabric and applied over all the sound silencers, acoustics – we have everything hidden behind the pictures of the Oscars and movie stars.”

Photography by House Tipster

Of course, you can’t have an opulent room celebrating the best in film history without the touch of a real Oscar nearby. That’s right: Ostrom’s team tracked down a genuine award trophy just for this occasion.

“We called the Academy to find out where we could buy an Oscar,” Ostrom said. “They told us, we get them made in China. They gave us the name of the manufacturer.”

Photography by House Tipster

To complete the space, Ostrom worked closely with several luxury furniture and accessories vendors, including Intech/Highframe, JAB Fabrics and Pavoni Leather, Stark Carpet, Baum Drapery Workroom, Hallman Furniture, Cambria, Dune New York, Magic Murals, Sherwin Williams, Phillip Jeffries, Badilla Painters, Samuel & Sons, and Century Furniture.

Barbara Ostrom. Photography by House Tipster

To hear even more about the cinematic movie room in this year’s Holiday House Hamptons, catch up with designer Barbara Ostrom in this exclusive Facebook live stream video interview with Alexis Parent below.

If you love what you see, make sure to stay tuned for more interviews from this year’s Holiday House Hamptons contributors, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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