Melanie Roy Presents Organic Solarium for Holiday House Hamptons 2019

When you think of the Hamptons, does the idea of “Beach Glam” immediately come to mind? Designer Melanie Roy’s latest creation for the 2019 Holiday House Hamptons charity show is an artistic solarium directly inspired by the luxurious beachside location.

“The Solarium is a modern take on a nautical space, and is the epitome of the casual Hampton beach glam lifestyle,” the designer shared in a her show notes.

Melanie Roy Design’s Solarium

House Tipster Industry guest host Alexis Parent of Alexis Parent Interiors spoke with designer Melanie Roy at the 2019 charity show house’s unveiling event in Water Mill, New York, where we learned how the sun room is intended to bring the great outdoors in for a relaxing retreat.

Melanie Roy and Alexis Parent. Photography by House Tipster

“This can be a place to relax with family and enjoy the outdoors,” Roy told us. “The Hamptons is known for all of its natural beauty, so I wanted to pay tribute to that with this solarium room by bringing in outdoor elements, like stone, and the agate rug that also depicts nature.”

Of course, visitors in this space will be instantly greeted by a giant stone sculpture, a captivating natural work that defines the room as a mix of modern and organic. But the designer said the entire room’s inspiration stemmed from a gemstone-inspired Stark Carpet area rug.

Some more of the most standout accessory pieces in the room include a pair of custom-made mirrored mosaic surfboards, wall hangings that were created by California-based Katy Helen Surf Art.

“They really epitomized the beach glam look for this room,” Roy shared.

Roy worked with many great vendors to turn her vision into a reality, including Badilla Painters, Blaxsand, Bungalow 5, Winfield Thybony, The Shade Store, Phillips Collection, Sherwin Williams, Stark Carpet, Interlude Home Inc., Christopher Martin Gallery (Bob Tabor), Unix Gallery (Desire Obtain Cherish), English Country Antiques, Cliff Young Ltd., Kravet, Kevin O’Brien Studio, and more.

Want to see more? Hear all about the solarium of this year’s Holiday House Hamptons through our exclusive Facebook live stream video interview with Melanie Roy below.

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