Vanessa DeLeon Debuts “Right Wing Lounge” at 2019 Holiday House NYC

New York-based interior designer Vanessa DeLeon of Vanessa DeLeon Associates showcased a a luxurious and moody master lounge room for the newly-opened 2019 Holiday House NYC charity show house.

The dark blue-toned space, titled “The Right Wing Lounge,” combines gallery wall-worthy pop art with the relaxed feel of an upscale game room. Visitors in this space could easily put on some exciting music on a vintage vinyl record player, craft some drinks, and enjoy a round or two of billiards with their friends.

Master lounge by Vanessa DeLeon Associates. Photography by House Tipster

The vibe of the entire room is inspired by the tagline, “Better to be a free bird than a captive king,” which is displayed in neon lights on the wall.

“[The] original design starts with a playful idea for living,” DeLeon shared in her show notes. “The oversized Cage Chair sets the stage, tempting the individual to choose between captivity and freedom of leisurely play.”

Photography by House Tipster

To bring her space to life, DeLeon worked with top vendors and product purveyors, including Stark Carpets, Benjamin Moore, Nash Stone Group, Foro Marble Company, John Lyle, Bernhardt, Plexicraft, Hudson Valley Lighting, Kravet, Elizabeth Sutton Collection, Aviva Stanoff, Blatt Billiards, Bungelow5, Evenlins Creations, Allstar Builders & Renovations, and more.

Photography by House Tipster

Additionally, DeLeon incorporated some of her own product designs into the mix, including her Elbra + Vanessa DeLeon sofa, coffee table, and that focal point of a chair. Shades of indigo and denim make the room cohesive while giving off a city club feeling.

Love what you see? Stay tuned for more breakdowns on each room in the 2019 Holiday House NYC, coming soon to House Tipster Industry. In the mean time, stay up to date with DeLeon’s latest projects by reading about her latest TileBar tile collaboration and True Residential collection.

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