House Tipster at High Point: Colorful & Fuzzy Trends

Everything was about texture and color at the High Point Market last week. The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, every six months. House Tipster went to the show to check out the latest trends in home furnishings and interior designing.

We wanted to see everything, which wasn’t easy, because the High Point Market is a HUGE event held across several large buildings. The main building is 14 floors with furniture retailers exhibiting their products in massive showrooms. It was a giant maze, like a certain well-known ready-to-assemble furniture store. We couldn’t believe just how many retailers had displays. People were always on the go at this fast-paced trade show.

Going by what we saw across several exhibits, the most popular colors this year are pink, all shades of green, light purple, light blue, and pastels. Soft and fuzzy textures were also featured in several showrooms.

The textures and styles of this eclectic living room by Dovetail Furniture & Designs were quite interesting. Whenever possible, Dovetail has utilized reclaimed materials and sustainable woods, both to help with the stewardship of resources and to create a natural, comfortable look and feel. The fuzzy ottoman particularly grabbed our attention. Fuzzy textures were everywhere, from rugs to pillows to chairs.

But Dovetail’s showroom also featured more traditional designs, such as this contemporary living room:

As much as there was color everywhere, some showrooms featured nearly monochromatic designs, such as these rooms by Polart that look like something out of “Alice in Wonderland.”

We first encountered POLaRT at the NY NOW show in early-February, and were excited to see them again at High Point because we love their look and thinking-outside-the-box style. They have every color wood and fabric you could imagine, and you can mix and match and customize their products in thousands of different combinations.

We also spoke in detail about rugs with Chandra Tiwari, president and founder of CHANDRA. We really enjoyed speaking with Tiwari. He really knows his stuff when it comes to rugs! CHANDRA’s showroom was beautiful and featured many different rug designs.

Our photos can’t really do CHANDRA’s rugs justice because they each have unique characteristics in textures and colors that only come across when you see them in person.

“We proudly foster generations of skilled artisans and shun mass production by machine, intent on delivering our customers with an authentic, handcrafted rug,” said Tiwari. “Dedicated to our craft, we applaud innovation, exemplary workmanship, alluring design and accessible quality. Creativity is vital to our business.”

We don’t even know how to begin to describe this beyond-eclectic style. Neo-Jungle Naturalism? Whatever you want to call it, Global View’s room was inspiring. Global Views is a home decor wholesale company with collections that blend various styles to make pieces that are elegant, exotic, refined, and casual. It offers a wide assortment of fashion-forward products from furniture to accessories that fit every price range.

We also saw some great lamps and lighting fixtures throughout the showrooms.

And we loved these chandeliers by Currey & Company that look like fireworks. What drew us to them? It’s simple. The sparkle!

These lighting fixtures by Hammerton that look like sheets of ice also drew our eye.

Overall, the show had a dizzying array of furnishings, accessories, and interior designs that left us feeling inspired. We can’t wait for the next High Point Market!

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