Frigidaire Introduces a New Model To Reveal What You Have Stored

With all the rage that follows new fridge units, Frigidaire introduced a new refrigeration unit at KBIS 2017. Futuristic by design and practical with its usage, the new fridge will be a welcome appliance that will revolutionize your kitchen aesthetics.

The new Professional Glass Door Refrigerator by Frigidaire and Electrolux is equipped with a large transparent panel that lights up every time you step in front of the unit. Initially, the smoky glass panel remains muddled and is installed from the front of the unit’s main compartment. 

Although this concept isn’t unheard of, the new Professional Glass Door Refrigerator is meant to allow homeowners to look at the display of their cold storage without having to open the door first. The first appliance that used this concept was a unit introduced by Haier at IFA 2015. Included with the Haier, LG had its own unit called “InstaView”.

The Frigidaire Professional Glass Door Refrigerator. | Tyler Lizenby/CNET


How The Frigidaire Professional Glass Door Refrigerator Works

Built-in with the latest refrigeration technology is a motion triggering sensor underneath the unit. By placing your foot near the door and the light that is emitted from the sensor at the bottom, the homeowner can brighten up the inside of their refrigerator and look at what’s inside.

Trigger motion sensors with your foot to make the opaque window transparent. | Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Along with all the other features included with this unit, the Professional Glass Door Refrigerator unit will display the items you may want to restock without removing any unnecessary cold ventilation. The doors are also manufactured to resist smudging and will prevent any revealing spots from greasy fingers. Its black stainless steel is designed to optimize the homeowner’s cold storage options by providing a sense of pragmatism and functionality.

Install a matching freezer to expand this restaurant-style fridge. | Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Costs Compared To Similar Products

With kindred products that have related features and functions, the costs of the units from various other manufacturers contrast in an adverse comparison. LG’s elite Signature models range between $4600 to $8500, while the InstaView models range around $2200 to $4400. Frigidaire’s Professional Glass Door is expected to cost about $2699. 

Check out the design for yourself!:

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