Leaf & Wood Showcases Growth Cabinets at ICFF 2019

Brooklyn, New York-based brand Leaf & Wood creates beautiful horticultural grow cabinets for urban areas. Crafted from warm natural wood finishes like walnut and cherry, the furniture pieces can either blend right in to your existing decor, or bring added traditional charm to a modern space.

During this ICFF season in New York City, House Tipster Industry spoke with Leaf & Wood designer Robert Pettit, who explained how he blends his wood-working talents with his longtime love for horticulture – and growing cannabis.

Robert Pettit. Photography by House Tipster

At the 2019 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, the company showcased a selection of luxury furniture pieces, which show how easy it can be to grow your own plants and herbs – including hemp and CBD – in sleek, stylish, and discreet home grow hot houses.

Photography by House Tipster

“I come from a kitchen and bookcase background, where I was doing high-end built-ins in Manhattan for ten years,” Pettit said. “Now I’m trying to come up with a luxury niche market, and cannabis growth is my targeted audience. I was trying to figure out a niche market that involved the intersection between woodworking and cannabis.”

Each Leaf & Wood cabinet comes equipped with the shelves, trays, clippers, fabric pots, and more growing essentials you need on your journey. The designer also includes a grow journal and some of his favorite gardening books in all orders to further inspire your green thumb.

In addition to the cannabis growth potential, Pettit has had. plenty of success growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers in his cabinets as well.

“I’ve grown cherry tomatoes, basil, strawberries, daisies, marigolds… many different types of plants,” he said.

Leaf & Wood’s products are intended to be the upscale alternative to growing tents and filing cabinet-style pieces that have previously been used for urban indoor horticulture.

“I outfit the interior to match the aesthetic and install the latest growing equipment,” Pettit said. “I fabricate in Brooklyn and ship to my clients’ homes all over the country.”

Photography by House Tipster

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