See New Designs from Brazilian Brands Ornare and Sérgio J. Matos

During this ICFF season in New York City, House Tipster host and Arch-Interiors designer Christopher Grubb was captivated by the variety of great products and innovations on display. The booths of two great Brazilian brands in particular, Ornare and Sérgio J. Matos, were must-see stops during the show.

Together, these two completely distinct brands give us a sense of both modern Brazilian design and those creations deeply rooted in the country’s rich history.


At the 2019 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, customized storage systems were a hot showcase. Designer and architect Ricardo Bello Dias, the Art Director for Ornare, explained that the brand’s modern, luxury offerings are perfect for kitchens, closets, home offices, and any other space you need organized in style.

Ricardo Bello Dias. Photography by House Tipster

“We’re based in Brazil, and we’re a company that does systems,” Dias explained of Ornare. “We use an aluminum profile and can do different configurations. It’s a luxury space to put the things that you have.”

Clients can choose different materials – like leather, stone, glass, aluminum, and more – to be part of their custom constructions, which make the frameworks versatile and ever-evolving. Plus, the streamlined creations help de-clutter spaces and give every object an intentional home.

Photography by House Tipster

These pieces are developed to add a sense of calm and structure to our hectic, busy lifestyles.

“You mix materials to be in balance with the space,” Dias said of the inspiration. “[Our idea] is that everything has the right space to put things. We think about the quality of life, and our clients should have a better life. We do things [so they] don’t have to do too much to have the things they like.”

Photography by House Tipster

Sérgio J. Matos

After taking in Ornare’s organizational hubs, Grubb familiarized himself with Sérgio J. Matos’ historically- and culturally-relevant home designs, including artistic chairs, stools, rugs, and tables.

Sérgio Matos and James Newman. Photography by House Tipster
Photography by House Tipster

At the 2019 ICFF show, Grubb was able to speak with representative James Newman on behalf of the brand, who was able to tell us all about the esteemed Brazilian designer and his international work with indigenous art.

“Sergio has been designing for about 12 years. His furniture is indoor-outdoor, and it’s inspired by [his] work with tribes in Africa,” Newman explained.

For example, a chair with leaves is inspired by “the women who weave them and sell for their villages,” he said.

Another striking piece is made up of strategically placed wooden spoons, inspired by the beautifully decorated home items used by the craftswomen the designer works directly with.

“All of this stuff is UV-treated for sun, it’s eight-year warranty,” he added. “It’s all indoor-outdoor except for a coral piece, which is his newest. It’s cotton wrapped around wire and then treated with resin. It’s a nylon-polyster roping, and it’s all made in Brazil.”

Photography by House Tipster

The clever details are everywhere, making each piece feel at once familiar and totally new and unexpected.

“It’s all an elevated version of what inspired [Sergio] from the poorest communities around the world,” Newman said.

Photography by House Tipster

To see even more of the latest ICFF 2019 presentations, be sure to watch a recap of our Brazilian design showcase Facebook live video with Christopher Grubb, Ricardo Bello Dias, and Jim Newman in the player below.

Stay tuned for more exclusive show coverage and expert interviews straight from ICFF 2019, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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