Farshid Tafazzoli On Amplifying Design Through Material Bank

Ever since the partnership between Material Bank and Architizer, business for the design and architecture industries have been booming. The platform is used in a number of ways for thousands of designers and architects.

With a registry of over 900,000 users, which includes 335,000 architects, and 25,000 firms, Architizer has essentially accelerated Material Bank’s reach through the engagement of this amassed community.


Architizer Partnership

Founded in 2009, Architizer’s mission is to act as the forefront in how architects search for, evaluate, and share building-products across teams. 


Home to the largest community of architects online, Architizer’s mission is to celebrate the world’s best architecture and the people that bring it to life. Powered by continually evolving technologies, Architizer serves architects with the inspiration and information they need to build better buildings, better cities, and a better world


Architizer provides design professionals and building product manufacturers with a global platform to promote their work through awards, competitions, and engaging content. Together with Material Bank and its custom software, the power-duo eliminates the gap between searching, sampling, and specifying materials for architects and interior designers.



Material Bank Combines Data And Design

With over three million architectural images of 86,000 inspirational projects that are showcased alongside building products from over 31,000 manufacturers, Material Bank is aiming to enhance the supply-and-demand process.

Farshid Tafazzoli, co-founder and Chief Business Officer of the company, said, “Material Bank is focused on expanding the architect and design community globally. Architizer allows us to integrate with one of the largest architect communities.”

Material Bank
CEO Adam Sandow at Material Bank’s Olive Branch, Mississippi, distribution hub | Photo Credits: Material Bank

Tafazzoli said, “Material Bank has built award winning custom software that has transformed the industry by removing the friction that exists when searching, sampling, and specifying materials for architecture and interior design projects.”

Utilizing their state-of-the-art robotic logistics hub, located next to the FedEx World Hub, the platform ships products via FedEx Priority Overnight at no additional cost to the users. 

Users can essentially search through Material Bank’s catalog of over 300,000 SKU’s, or stock keeping units. Once the samples are ordered, users have until midnight (Eastern Standard Time), and receive all their orders the next day through one single box. 

The platform especially prides itself for finding an essential approach with prolonging the life cycle of the company’s samples. This is done by offering users free return packaging for reuse.  


Material Bank is Aggregating Samples For Sustainability

Over 500 brands supply the platform, where the samples are then sustainably aggregated, before being delivered into one patented package. According to Tafazzoli, this helps to reduce any waste. To date, over two million packages have been reused, eliminating unnecessary waste.

The company’s mission statement confirms that the result of this process has retrenched the equivalent of over 890 tons of cardboard and shipping emissions equivalent to an estimated 2900 metric tons of C02e, reducing the risk of carbon discharge.   

Although there have been challenges with supply chains throughout the country due to the pandemic and other complications that have occurred, manufacturers on Material Bank have operated without any disruptions.

Material Bank Lab at theMart in Chicago | Photo Credits: Material Bank

The co-founder said, “Material Bank is reinventing the way in which architects, designers, and corporate users search and sample by creating a unified platform with fast fulfillment capabilities.” Concluding his statement, Tafazzoli said, “Our platform instantly connects manufactures with architects and designers to streamline a historically lengthy selection process.”

Named one of Business Insider’s Hottest Proptech Startups and Forbes’ Best Startup Employers, the revolutionary platform powers complex searches across hundreds of brands in seconds.

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