Get the Latest from Real Estate Staging Association CEO Shell Brodnax

The Real Estate Staging Association was founded in 2007 in order to support all trade professional home stagers in North America. Today, the organization works with thousands of entrepreneurs and industry professionals across the continent to amplify the importance of their work.

Our host, Arch-Interiors designer Christopher Grubb, spoke exclusively with RESA’s CEO Shell Brodnax during this Summer 2019 season of Las Vegas Market, where he learned all about what the modern real estate staging space looks like in 2019.

Shell Brodnax and Christopher Grubb. Photography by House Tipster

“There are thousands of stagers across the country that help people prepare their homes for sale, help get them top dollar, and sell with less amount of time on the market,” Brodnax said.

“We organize events for the stagers, we do things for consumer awareness from real estate agents to homeowners, and bring products and services to make the stagers’ businesses more profitable.”

Staging is a completely different field than traditional interior design – and “an investment” for sellers to consider – though many seasoned designers are now turning toward the trade.

Brodnax personally has an unexpected story about first breaking in to the profession as well – which has always involved sharing her professional knowledge with the masses.

“I used to be a private investigator for ten years,” Brodnax shared. “When I left that industry, I needed something new and started working for someone who had coined the term ‘staging,’ and had really started teaching people how to stage for a living. I was their Director of Sales and Marketing for about six and a half years, and after that I felt a need to service everybody else so I formed a non-profit organization.”

To hear more about the Real Estate Staging Association and Shell Brodnax’s latest work, be sure to catch the House Tipster Industry Facebook Live stream recap in the player below.

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