Laurence Carr Shares Her Design Philosophy at Las Vegas Market 2019

The House Tipster Industry team had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Laurence Carr, founder of the New York-based Laurence Carr Design firm, at this winter 2019 season of Las Vegas Market.

At the show, the interior designer – who previously was a professional ballet dancer, singer, and stage director – shared her guiding philosophies with our host, Arch-Interiors designer Christopher Grubb.

Christopher Grubb and Laurence Carr

Laurence Carr Design works with residential, spa, and office clients all around the world, offering services influenced by the heart and soul.

“My passion is all about creating a positive impact for design, so I create serene spaces to nourish our well-being and sustainable environment,” Carr shared.

“My design approach is based on the proven concept that designing a space has a profound effect on your state of mind,” the designer added. “This means we can use architecture and design techniques to evoke a general sense of well-being.”

Laurence Carr

Carr uses the term “spirituality in design” to describe her work, which she dives into passionately.

“It really means aligning with oneself,” Carr said. “I have been studying and practicing meditation for many years while I was a dancer performing onstage. I follow masters such as Deepak Chopra. So to relate this to my design, I really create with the intersection of well-being and design space.”

The designer shared some tips for others interested in designing with spirituality in mind, and they involve assessing every element of the space intentionally.

“Focus on the floor of a space, and how your clients can interact the best,” Carr shared. “This means probably creating open floor plans and integrating the concept of minimalism and de-cluttering. Really integrate elements of nature. Introduce greens and even biophilia if you’re familiar with this, and use natural textures. Another thing, which I consistently do, is I very intentionally choose colors. It’s no secret that color has a great impact on your emotional state of mind.”

As for those colors? Carr recommended mixing high-end aesthetics with nature-inspired hues.

“Don’t hesitate to use terracotta, taupe, or deep blues that can create a luxe feel but at the same time can be very relaxing,” Carr advised.

Tipster TV has released the full video coverage from our special interview, be sure to check it out below.

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