LuAnn Nigara Talks “A Well-Designed Business” Podcast at LVMKT 2019

How did LuAnn Nigara, the podcast queen behind “A Well-Designed Business,” first break into the world of interior design podcasting? During this Summer 2019 season of Las Vegas Market, we got the whole scoop directly from the master.

House Tipster Industry host and Arch-Interiors designer Christopher Grubb sat down with Nigara to talk about how her rich history of personal experiences in the design industry led her to developing a top-rated comprehensive audio resource for creators.

LuAnn Nigara and Christopher Grubb. Photography by House Tipster

“My background is in professional window treatments with Window Works [in Livingston, New Jersey],” Nigara said. “Owning Window Works for almost four decades, we had the opportunity to work with a lot of interior designers, and be so grateful and fortunate to do their window treatments for their projects.”

LuAnn Nigara. Photography by House Tipster

“But I noticed over and over and over how they struggled with the business end,” she added.

Nigara was then inspired to source helpful information, wisdom, and guidance from top professionals in creative businesses to help guide talented designers into successful business-owners.

“It’s 20% creative, 80% business – a cliché but so true – and it broke my heart. There was not a lot of resource out there, where now there is because of course, the whole world has changed. But that was my mission: to really help designers.”

Nigara has found a great connection with her audience through the interactive and conversational podcasting medium, and she continues to bring enthusiasm and sparkling energy to her expert interviews.

To hear more from LuAnn Nigara, be sure to catch our own full interview in the House Tipster Industry Facebook Live stream recap player below.

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