Steven Favreau Showcases Theatrical Style at NY NOW Summer 2019

Interior designer and television personality Steven Favreau of Favreau Design has a colorful and theatrical personal aesthetic that transcends into his artistic creations. His latest pieces are a true treat to behold!

During this Summer 2019 season of NY NOW, the House Tipster Industry team was able to catch up with the designer at his whimsical “Favreaulous Factory,” where he clearly established that “Favreaulous is the new Fabulous!”

Steven Favreau. Photography by House Tipster

“I’m a full-service interior design firm, but we do it all,” the designer said. “We do restaurants, we do hotels, special events, styling other people’s showrooms. We’ve managed to create sort of a niche for ourselves because my past career was in theater. I was a Broadway dancer, so theater comes through in everything I do.”

Steven Favreau. Photography by House Tipster

At this Manhattan event, Favreau Design showed off an elaborate sleigh and ceiling crown designs, which blend form and fantasy. There are definite circus and carnival themes to this work, with a touch of Alice in Wonderland scale and surrealism. These are intentional spaces the designer occupies.

“An editor once said that my design vibrates right on the edge of too much, but never goes too far,” Favreau explained about his style.

“So I’m literally always trying to push that envelope to see what does ‘too far’ mean. It’s about movement, color, and texture – and how much of that can you put together and still feel as though it’s not too much.”

Favreau knows that many designers and homeowners shy away from adding layers of color, texture, and patterns to a smaller space, for fear of cluttering and overcrowding an area. But he would like to argue that his own design sensibilities break down those notions.

“I’m showing everyone that, in fact, the more you add in, it actually becomes peaceful. It does not feel smaller, it feels larger. I’m trying to get everyone to throw out those old rules.”

Photography by House Tipster

To hear more from our conversation with Steven Favreau from the NY NOW Summer 2019 showcase, and see more of his latest work, be sure to catch House Tipster Industry’s exclusive live stream video in the player below.

Ready for more of the latest updates, straight from this August’s showcase? Stay tuned for more NY NOW news and designer profiles, coming soon to House Tipster Industry.

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